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The magic of the Boqueria Market

The Mercat de Sant Josep, better known as  La Boqueria Market, is one of the most desirable places to visit and enjoy during a trip to Barcelona. Colours and smells combine in a spiral of sensations that exhales a unique Mediterranean fragrance that transports the visitor to a different time and space, where what really seems to matter is the essence of things, the soul of the most authentic products.

Stepping into the spectacular building and walking down its aisles with your eye set on every post, tasting here and there, buying some fresh fruit or stopping to take a break and savour some good tapas… The visit to La Boqueria Market is a ritual for many who visit Barcelona and to those who return from time to time to the city. It’s a way to feel once again a part of it.

The history of the market is well known in Barcelona. Originally, it was like every other market of its time: a great whirlwind of street vendors, wooden boxes, bags and cardboard exposed outdoors, in the so called Pla de La Boqueria. In this pla was exactly where once stood the convent of Sant Josep. Later, they built the current structure, work that casually finished the day of St. Joseph, which now gives its name to the market.

Today, the structure remains the same, with its beautiful porches, but the seller and their posts have become rows of multicoloured meat, vegetables, fruits, teas and spice stands… All meticulously organised, where the products on display seem to be there more to be photographed and admired than for purchase.

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