Cadiz and Marbella: luxury for all publics

It is impossible read Marbella without thinking of luxury, glamour, party and famous people. The high-standing tourism capital of Malaga is still the meeting point of some of the most sophisticated celebrities in Europe: politicians, businessmen, cinema and TV figures… And anonymous tourists that want to pamper themselves and immerse in this exclusive paradise of relaxation, quietness and beach.

Cádiz, in turn, is a destination growing in a natural way, very controlled and respectful with the wonderful environment it offers. In the last years, they are working on a quality tourism that we can now notice especially in places such as Chiclana, Roche and La Barrosa beach. Less famous than Marbella, but equally exclusive, Cádiz is the fashionable destination for those in search of sun, beach and sophistication.

Golf lovers

The Golf Valley is one step away from Marbella, in the mountain range and next to beautiful villages.  It is one of the must-visit destinations in golf tours and is gaining more and more followers. In this areas we can find some of the most important golf hotels in Spain, most of the with a 5-star category and golf courses that receive year after year all types of competitions for all levels. Luxury wellness services and gourmet gastronomy are the complementary mainstays of this hotel service that has been a turning point.

Golf hotels in Chiclana doesn’t have anything to envy of them. Although it is truth that golf tradition is less strong in this part of Cádiz than in Marbella, the opening of new and complete golf courses in front of the beaches and coves or next to natural parks and marshes offers an added value, increasing the demand on accommodations for golf lovers in the entire coast. In Huelva, for example, golf hotels in Isla Canela have become an international reference.

Beach and relaxation

You can find all inclusive hotels in Marbella all around the municipality, although the most sought-after and recommended ones are situated in front of the beaches of this Andalusian coast. There are many family hotels, although the tendency of specialized accommodations is growing: for children, Adults Only, for sport lovers… Beaches are authentic oasis of relaxation, with all types of services and a varied gastronomic proposal for all publics.

In a similar environment, more natural and less crowded, we find the spa hotels in Cadis which have significantly improved their services and facilities, targeting at a higher quality segment, with personal attention and more specialization according to the needs of different customers. They are usually located in the surroundings of Sancti Petri, La Barrosa beach and Roche coves, and a few of them are also situated in the centre of Cádiz.

5-star service

Even 3 and 4-star hotels in Marbella and Chiclana can boast a luxury service. Besides offering affordable prices, these hotels which are not deluxe, are working to increase their service quality, adjusting their rate and experience without giving up the increase of their business. In short, taking care of customer. In this way, everyone win: guests enjoy an impeccable space with affordable rates, but with a 5-star personal attention.