Benidorm, a city full of hotel tradition

Benidorm could be one of the tourist destinations that produce both positive and negative emotions. It arouses my curiosity to realize this destination in Costa Blanca has many supporters as detractors. The fact is that although Benidorm has a bad image, it is still one of the Spanish tourist destinations with best occupancy rates.

This city in the coast of Alicante has always been characterised by being a representative sun and beach destination, which has given and still gives many benefits. During the 70’s there was a strong demand of spaces for hotels, entailing a fast building of hotels and giving rise to the famous skyline of this city.

Nowadays, Benidorm is still one of the destinations that can boast an excellent level of hotel occupancy. All this despite the bad image of the society of this city. For many, Benidorm is a crowded beach destination, riddled with drunk Englishmen and hotels without personality. But the truth is that Benidorm is much more than that.

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The tourism industry of this city of Alicante has made a big effort to modernise the hotels of Benidorm and bring them up to date. This has caused a diversification of its tourism product, increasing the specialization and the variety of hotels ranges.

Besides the effort of renovating and positioning the hotels, the supplementary offer in Benidorm has been substantially increased with a considerable offer of restaurants and leisure, contributing to the success of this destination.

It is worth mentioning that Benidorm has traditionally characterised by offering very competitive prices, both in hotels and in supplementary services. This is probably one of the reasons by which many people go back.

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Benidorm is a city conceived of for leisure. And, no matter who may disagree, this destination attracts year after year a huge quantity of tourists seduced by its tourism product, by its beautiful and warm beaches and by its pleasant Mediterranean weather.

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