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Friends’ getaway: 2 idyllic destinations

When your friends tell you that they want to plan a friends’ getaway in summer…the first thing that comes to my mind is the film “The Hangover”, in which 4 friends travel to destinations like  Las Vegas or Bangkok, where they enjoy crazy parties and in the morning they cannot remember what happened the night before.

What happens at night should stay at night. We don’t want you to experience the same issues, but we want your group of friends to live the most entertaining holidays. If you choose an entertaining destination and a comfortable hotel offering you a wide range of activities and services, car rental to explore the place and cold beers at sunset, your personal The Hangover could be your best year plan.

Friends’ getaway destinations in summer

friends getaway


BIO: two and a half hours flight from Madrid. Older sister of Fuerteventura. Impressive beaches. Quiet atmosphere. It’s perfect for relaxing, chill out and exclusive getaways. It’s a trendy destination for cool people.

If you are a  bit of a freak, you would love to visit the places in the island where some scenes of movies like “Journey to the centre of the Earth”, “Doctor Who” or “Mararia” were filmed. … You will feel like an astronaut visiting the Moon.

Travelling with your friends to Lanzarote and forget daily routines, stress and responsibilities is a fantastic idea. The island has lots of secret spots where to get lost and just sunbathe, swim and drink a beer at a small island like La Graciosa with unspoilt beaches.

lanzarote with friends

You should go to the typical taverns and bars to taste the traditional gastronomy of the Canary Islands: gofio, papas arrugas, fried fish, cheese… Beach clubs are also a great option (prices are a bit more expensive) as well as chill outs and trendy terraces offering DJs sessions, live music and theme parties by the sea.

What to do in Lanzarote by day or by night?

Lanzarote is full of culture apart from beautiful beaches. If you are looking for sun and beach holidays, you just need to find the perfect place in Lanzarote with excellent tourist services, great nightlife, leisure activities and entertaining atmosphere at any time.

1.- Choose the best beaches. Playa de Las Conchas in the small island of La Graciosa and Playa Papagayo will amaze you.

2.- Bike tour across La Graciosa and then return to Lanzarote.

3.- Enjoy nightlife at Arrecife, Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen.  No limits 😉 You should go to bars like: Blue Mar, Manhattan and Heineken Harbour. Dance at La Ola or Lanzarote Palace until the early morning.

Group accommodation in Lanzarote?

You will find the most comfortable and affordable hotels for friends’ groups in Puerto del Carmen. You will be close to all trendy places in Lanzarote. There are a lot of hotels in this area, but we suggest you choose a fabulous 4-star hotel in Puerto del Carmen like Ole Olivina Lanzarote, an All Inclusive hotel with 4-star rooms for up to 5 people near the beach of Pocillos.


BIO: less than an hour flight from Madrid. Older sister of Formentera and one of the most beautiful islands of the Balearic Islands. Secret coves with entertaining beach clubs. Shops, craft markets and hippy clothes. The best electro music discos in the world. Amazing sunsets. A trendy summer holiday destination.

ibiza with friends

Entertainment is a key factor in Ibiza. You must visit this land of Mediterranean salt flats with your group of friends at least once in a lifetime. Train for the endless parties before you go. You will always find a place with great atmosphere to dance and enjoy excellent music.

Its secret coves are one of its main attractions where to relax with friends. Their beach clubs are fantastic, offering exclusive cocktails and typical food. Some of them even offer vegan food.

What to do in Ibiza?

1.- Visit and swim at crystal water coves and beaches like Las Salinas, Saladeta or Cala Bassa.

2.- Dive and explore. Take a diving class, put on your snorkel glasses and practice diving. You will be amazed by the crystal waters.

3.- Go out and enjoy the party. Ibiza is world-famous as a meeting point of the best DJ’s in the world. The best discos in Spain are there:Amnesia, Space, Privilege or Pacha.

4.- Try your luck at Ibiza Casino. You will have lots of fun.

Accommodation in Ibiza?

Choose a well-connected place so you can reach any interesting point in the island, but avoid nightlife areas. The north of the island is a great choice: it’s not too crowded and you will love its natural beauty. You will then combine amazing parties with relax on your holiday break.

We recommend you to choose hotels offering activities you can enjoy without leaving it, so you can combine them with your plans outside the hotel. A great example is  Ole Galeon Ibiza, a hotel with rooms at the beach of San Miguel  by Ole Hotels offering All Inclusive board and usually oriented to families who want to have fun and forget daily routines.

It’s time to visit Barcelona: activities and accommodations

One of the big European cities where you would love to live and explore calmly is Barcelona.It’s one of the safest cities in the world, with high quality public services and a great artistic history. Catalonia capital invites us to travel around it and explore its beaches and museums, as well as going shopping in the city, visiting its varied shops or simply enjoy a romantic getaway at the weekend. It’s also the perfect city for business meetings at its specially designed hotel. In conclusion, you must visit it.

Activities in Barcelona

If you have enough time, you may want to visit some of the beaches in Barcelona such as:  Sant Sebastia, Sant Miquel, Barceloneta, Nova Icaria, Bogatell, Mar Bella, Baños del Forum.

If you would like to visit the most emblematic places of the city, you should go to: Museo Picasso, Fundacion Joan Miro, Castillo de Montjuic, Torre Agbar, Sagrada Familia Basilique, Plaza de Cataluña, Tibidabo, or the magic Montjuic fountain.

Where to stay at Barcelona?

There is a wide range of hotels where to stay or spend the day in the Catalan capital. We made a list of the best accommodation options in Barcelona, taking into account the service quality, the location and the deals and experiences offered, because your stay is essential for us. Here’s a list of the best hotels you can choose if you visit Barcelona:

·       One of the best design hotels in the centre of Barcelona. It’s one of the most demanded hotels because of its guest services. We are talking about Petit Palace Barcelona. The best advantage of this hotels is its location, close to any place you would like to visit. The perfect hotel for a city break without any transport or traffic difficulty. An amazing 4-star hotel.

·       Museum Barcelona: the Petit Museum Barcelona hotel is an architectural jewel, perfect for a romantic getaway in Barcelona or for a business meeting. It’s just in front of Plaza de Cataluña and it’s considered an architectural icon of Catalan modernism.

Health tourism in Spain

Health tourism, wellness tourism. Spain is one of the destinations promoting both concepts, joining and interconnecting them, but keeping the required differentiation. Because based on its differentiation, we take a global view of how tourism sector is being developed in this area over the last few years.

According to a study of the Tourism Ministry (the unique and last study made in 2013), differentiation is a key factor, however the union of these two concepts is necessary and inevitable:

“Health tourism is the process in which a person travels to be provided health services in a different country from the one he is living. The main reason for the trip is searching those health services in a wider sense.”

It is in this “wide sense” in which health services are understood, also called wellness services, which in fact are increasingly important in hospitality industry and most demanded among those travelling from inside and outside the country. There are a lot of people visiting Spain on holidays to take advantage of the Spanish health system, considered one of the most complete and efficient in the world. That’s why hotels close to hospitals are more valuable in Barcelona and Madrid, cities where you can find the best and world-famous health centres and hospitals in the country. Not to mention the constant travellers’ flow, choosing their hotel depending on its wellness and beauty services.

Wellness tourism is recognized by the Tourism Ministry as a sub-segment of health tourism, indisputably essential now and one of the economically best positioned in the sector. The investments made in this sense have not stopped and most of the top tourism firms in Spain (big hotel chains) accept that most of the improvements in this respect are already amortized.

“Health tourism (…) includes not just medical tourism, but the sub-segment wellness tourism, which has more to do with prevention of illnesses affecting tourist health.”

Taking this into account, we can clearly make the difference always talking about A) Medical tourism and B) Wellness tourism, as both are health tourism and highly important for the portfolio of the Spanish sector. Travellers profile from one and another segment vary and it is really important that businessmen, hoteliers and managers of the complimentary tourism industry catch them.

In this sense, the study of the Tourism Ministry includes a classification -definition of the health traveller profile that perfectly determines these two questions:

A health tourist is someone that travels looking for health club services or spa to reduce stress, thermal treatments or the most complex processes in a hospital. Based on tourism sector view, health tourism implies promoting that travelling to a particular place is good for your health because of its special climate, its natural resources or the health services provided in this place (Goodrich, 1994).

Exactly, an essential element is being introduced (whereby this type of tourism is much more demanded in Spain than in the rest of Europe -except Budapest and Switzerland spa cities-): the destination is essential because it is considered an optimal scenario for health care due to its climate or services.

A sunny destination with beaches, nature, gastronomy and well-connected is always a plus. Even more, if public health centres, security and atmosphere are also great, as in Spain.

Wellness made in Spain

Wellness and Spa tourism has notably increased over the last few years, trying to offer travellers the opportunity to enjoy a healthy getaway in top class destinations. In this sense, most of the accommodations started a reconversion process, creating spa hotels in Playa de Palma, wellness resorts in Almeria and promoting family hotels in Costa Adeje, Tenerife  with jacuzzi and the rest of the major beach destinations in our country.

Luxury hotels in Tenerife with spa centres are a great example to follow: their facilities are the most and best worked, adapting them to the demand and taking advantage of the destination assets related to relax, health and wellness. In Spain, there are few places where you could spend some days disconnected from routine and absolutely committed to self-care. In the field of accommodation, we cannot forget those which mix leisure and entertainment like the only adults hotels in Costa Adeje, specialized in couple services and romantic getaways; and spa hotels in Tenerife, that combine the two main motivations for luxury tourism in our country.

Andalucia is another popular destination in Spain for spa and relaxation getaways. A region full of unique natural places, with national parks like Doñana, where you can feel the authentic nature just by walking alone with your sneakers and your backpack, to then return to your hotel to rest. In most of the accommodations in the Andalusian Coast, it is really common to find wellness facilities, as the spa hotels in Cadis, one of the most recommended cities for a relaxing family holiday. All usually stand out as All Inclusive resorts, although wellness treatments are a plus and require an extra fee.

This is in fact the key of the investment on wellness tourism: it is considered a special facility and an added value of the destination and the resort, which in most cases gives distinction and luxury to the establishment.

In this sense, other interesting destinations are Galicia, where thermal culture is ancient and well-preserved, with lots of spas all over the region, especially in the area of Rias Baixas; all Cantabrian Coast has a great health tourism offer, in addition to its gastronomy and wine; and Mallorca is one of the most exclusive spots to enjoy a relaxing holiday with top quality services.

Luxury gastronomy in the centre of Madrid

Eating in Madrid is a pleasure for the five senses: tasteful, varied and cheap gastronomy. The capital is one of the places with the best gastronomy of Spain and with exquisite dishes at cheap prices. Even the luxury restaurants in the centre of Madrid have affordable prices, so you can take pleasure in one of these places without spending a great quantity of money, specially if you compare their prices with those of Barcelona, where gastronomy is much more expensive.

Cuisine d’auteur

You will find one of the best gastronomic spaces of the cuisine d’auteur in a hotel in the area of Las Letras. It is a 4-star restaurant in the middle of Gran Vía, close to the Parliament building and with  some of the most typical specialties of Madrid, cooked by one of the best chefs of Spain: Paco Morales. This cookery master offers its traditional cuisine prepared with innovative techniques and tastes from all over the world to all those who want to live a unique experience. The menu includes a wide range of options for all tastes. Besides, the hotel features a roof terrace with views to Gran Vía and a luxury bar ideal for lounging during a leisure or a business trip in Madrid.

 Ibersotar Las Letras rooftop terrace, Madrid

Ibersotar Las Letras rooftop terrace, Madrid

Gourmet dishes and tapas

You cannot leave Madrid without enjoying a tapas and beers route in La Latina, going through San Miguel Market, near Plaza Mayor square. This market has created a tendency in the whole country, becoming a model in the refurbishing of local markets started in many cities of the national territory. These refurbishment works keep the markets’ originality and their special ambience. There are many different establishments in the market, including those offering an international cuisine and many typical Spanish specialties elaborated with care and innovative details, like the croquettes, Spanish omelette, pickled vegetables or the traditional canned food. Everything prepared with first quality products and with a wide variety of vegan and bio cuisine options.


Exclusive international cuisine

One of the great features of Madrid’s gastronomy is that it offers a perfect combination of the traditional stew and international restaurants that offer delicious dishes with tastes from all over the world: Japanese, Asian, Mexican, Peruvian, Creole, American, Russian cuisine… Everything can be found in Madrid. But if you want to make the most of your accommodation and then have a tour around the city, there are many hotels in Gran Vía that offer you a delicious gastronomic service at a good quality price ratio. For example, the chef Jesús Trujillano’s restaurant, located close to Las Letras neighbourhood and Cibeles, is one of the best ones of the area. Although it is located in a hotel, it has nothing to do with the buffet cuisine normally offered in these establishments: new tastes, dishes from all over the world with surprising touches, an exquisite selection of wines, complete breakfasts… Everything at good prices.

The fabulous modernist Güell Park of Barcelona

Gaudí’s footprints in Barcelona cannot be missed during any type of trip or getaway. As the greatest world exponent of modernism, Antoni Gaudí has sprinkled all the nooks of the city with important works, among which we find one which makes the difference: the Güell Park.

Without taking anything away from the Sagrada Familia, the park offers a tour around a modernist style accessible for all ages and type of travellers: you do not need to be an expert art lover to enjoy its beauty and originality, its colours and its stunning views, its surroundings and its different outdoor leisure proposals.

With more than 100 years of history, the park is one of the reference tourist attractions in Barcelona, and it has been chosen as the setting of famous films such as Vicky, Cristina i Barcelona by Woody Alen, and it is a daily meeting point for locals and tourists from all over the world.

Useful information:

  • It is open every day of the year.

→ From the 1st of January to the 28th of March: from 08.30 am to 06.15 pm (last access 05.30 pm)

→ From the 25th of October to the 31st of December: 08.30 am to 06.15 pm (last access 05.30 pm)

→ From the 4th of May to the 6st of September: 08.00 am to 09.30 pm (last access 09.00 pm)

→ From the 29th of March to the 3d of May: from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm (last access 07.30 pm)

→ From the 7th of September to the 24th of October: from 08:00 am to 08:00 pm (last access 07.30 pm)

  • Tickets prices: the general ticket costs 7€ online and 8€ at the ticket office. Admission free for children under 6. Tickets for children 7-12 cost 4.90€ (5.60€ at the ticket office), like tickets for people over 65.

  • Accommodation: there are different hotels in the centre of Barcelona which offer services and complete information about routes and leisure activities. Some 4-star hotels in Barcelona combine these services with a good quality price ratio:

Tenerife and Lanzarote, a perfect tandem

Two magic islands that seem to be from another planet. Two brethren paradises which are, at the same time, very different from each other. Their volcanic origin, their desert-like, almost lunar spots, and their tropical vegetation give shape to a wide range of places where to live thousands of adventures.  There we travel today, crossing from island to island, discovering new nooks and revisiting the most famous ones.

Must visit places in Tenerife

  • A day in Santa Cruz.- The capital of the island is well worth a visit, with a shopping route, a terrace route, a walk around the main monuments and emblematic buildings of the city… If you prefer, you can even spend there a couple of days and a night: Santa Cruz’s nightlife is lively. Regarding the accommodation, one of the best luxury hotels in Tenerife is located at the heart of the city, the stunning Grand Mencey Hotel, one of the oldest hotels of Spain.

  • Relax getaway to Costa Adeje.- After a while of urban tourism, it’s time to relax under the sun, enjoy the beach and a good gastronomy. Few places allow for this perfect combination apart from the south of Tenerife. Choosing a good family hotel in Costa Adeje  with spa is easy, and much more in this area, as there is a wide variety of options. The family hotels in Costa Adeje are another perfect accommodation option, as they have a good quality price ratio, together with the All Inclusive establishments and the beach apartments.

  • Giants Cliff.- One of the most stunning places on earth. Created as a result of the volcanic eruptions that have taken place historically in Tenerife. Contemplating the scene from the see is a unique experience.

  • Teide National Park.- You cannot miss a trekking excursion around this fabulous setting during your trip to Tenerife. The Teide, the highest peak of Spain, is a fabulous watchtower from where to admire the landscapes of the island. If you stay in a beach resort in Tenerife or in a golf hotel in San Miguel de Abona, in the area of Costa Adeje, you will enjoy good communications with the park and you will have access to many of the firms that organise guided tours around the area.

Olé Tropical Tenerife Hotel

Olé Tropical Tenerife Hotel

Essentials in Lanzarote

  • Visit to the paradise of La Graciosa.– La Graciosa is an oasis of unspoilt beaches and imperturbable peace ideal for a romantic trip to Lanzarote. Taking a boat and getting to this fabulous island to enjoy a relaxing day away from routine is an experience that should be included in any trip to Lanzarote. If you stay in a hotel in Puerto del Carmen you will enjoy good communications with this paradise. You will just need to plan an excursion and book a ferry ticket from Lanzarote to La Graciosa.

  • Timanfaya National Park.- Lanzarote features a lunar landscape: endless deserts full of craters of ochre, golden and terracotta tones that blend with the lava paths that have given shape to the island’s orography. If you want to enjoy this image from the best setting, you must visit the Timanfaya, the great volcano of Lanzarote. There are programmed and guided excursions available for those who want to travel with children to Lanzarote.

  • Playa Blanca.– Located in the south of Lanzarote, Playa Blanca is one of the tourist areas par excellence of the island, a place where to find all the necessary services and facilities to enjoy a relaxing holiday without worries. Choosing a hotel in Lanzarote is a guarantee of success: book a beach resort or bungalows in Lanzarote and enjoy the perfect accommodation for a relaxing holiday.

Tibidabo Story

It might seem, at this point, that it has always been there. That it was born when the continent formed, which is older than the sea, that anyone else, ever, lived without having it to the side, without thinking, today we go to Tibidabo… But the truth is that its story, although old, is relatively recent. The amusement park par excellence of Barcelona was born in 1900, opened in October 1901 and during its first decades was just a great fair of games with a railway (Tramvia Blau and a funicular, one of the most important elements of the Park and that, since its beginning, marked a milestone in the city.

Tibidabo funicular was its first great attraction, people got to it as if it were a roller coaster and even today is one of the keys that make this park one of the most magical places in Barcelona. Going to Barcelona and not getting on Tibidabo funicular is not going to Barcelona.

 Catalonia Sagrada Familia Hotel

photo: Catalonia Sagrada Familia Hotel

In the past, the division of the Park was made by neighbourhoods that little by little, responding to the needs of the progress of the Park, were transformed at current levels. For example, Barrio de la Atalaya, Barrio del Avión and Barrio de las Atracciones are now level 6; then Barrio de la Montaña Rusa, which remains today as one of the main ones is level 5; the Cars Crash – formerly Barrio de los Coches de Choque- is level 4; Barrio de Aladino is 2 and Barrio del Castillo, Hurakan, Pirata and Barrio del Bosque are 1.

The most outstanding attractions, in addition to the funicular, are Camí del Cel, Plaça dels Somnis, Cars Crash, Dividabo and Muntanya Russa.

To get to the Park, if you are staying at a hotel in the centre of Barcelona, the best is approaching the area of Ramblas, where there is a line of public transportation that connects to the enclosure. If you have accommodation in Barcelona’s Plaça d’Espanya, you can also take advantage of this line that runs throughout the day from the 10.15 pm, with frequencies of 20 minutes.

If you are staying in hotels in Barcelona away from the downtown, you can opt for going to the Sant Genís parking area, where you find another line of transportation to the park.

For those who travel by car, the area of Sant Genís is also the best: there is a parking area in front of the Vall D’hebron Hospital with high capacity, where they sell the park entrances and where you can take a free bus. A very convenient option for those who go to spend a day with their family and do not want to get too complicated.

Beach hotels for children and adults alike

The tourism sector is still in phase of deep specialization, adjusting their products increasingly to a specific type of traveller and improving all services, activities and special facilities for this specific segment. One of the clearest examples that exist today is the transformation of the family hotels in hotels for children: promoting more attention to children, allowing parents to enjoy more free time, more holiday at their own pace.

A good example of this new type of hotel (which, in reality, has always existed, but somewhat vague, since the accommodations for families covered too much without specifying) are those who make up the Ole Hotels portfolio. Ole Olivina Lanzarote or Ole Tropical Tenerife represent a perfect holiday accommodation for those who travel with children and want a hotel that gives them a complete and special service for the little ones.

Paying attention to children is, almost indissolubly, gaining time to give to their parents. In this way, a family that choose a hotel specialized in children in destinations such as Majorca, Ibiza, Canary Islands or Andalusia will always have a better and personal that in a generic family hotel where services are more general and more aimed at pleasing everyone without giving specific solutions to specific issues.

It is truth that mini club service is preserved in both types of hotels, however, in a hotel for children, schedules tend to be more flexible, groups tend to include more ages, facilities are more prepared for kids to comfortably enjoy them and, in a differentiated way, certain areas are dedicated to adults, to provide them relax while the children have fun.

More teams of instructors, more activities inside and outside the hotel, fun and special menus, games rooms and nursery with babysitting even for nights… Entertained children, and happy and relaxed parents. Little by little the services provided are taking shape and the result, for now, is a real success.

In addition, as you can see in the following video of the hotel in Puerto del Carmen Ole Olivina Lanzarote, hotels for children are not exclusive, moreover, those travelling as a couple or with a group of friends can enjoy much better spaces and quiet moments, without having to constantly share different parts of the hotel with the little ones. In this way, there is privacy for adults without giving up care and fun that younger guests need.

Spa time

Time to return to routine? Maybe… but also time to love, take care of yourself, sign up for a course, sport or activity that you like, to meet again with friends, talk about holidays and start planning the next one. September, when all is about putting things straight and getting ready to welcome autumn with a smile. No complaints: Mondays always are Mondays, in September you must always go back to school… And what better than do it with renewed energy.

To gather momentum (because it sounds nice but it’s very difficult to retake the course), few things are better than taking a weekend and devote it entirely to yourself, to do all that you like and brings you to life, without obligations, responsibilities and tasks. Only time for you.

Think of a destination that you want to visit. Majorca? Minorca? Ibiza? Cadiz? The coast of Barcelona? Malaga? Huelva? Tenerife? Fuerteventura? Choose and start to look at routes, tickets, flights. Are you ready? As for accommodation, don’t’ worry and leave it to us. We bring you a small selection of spa hotels to relax, spoil yourself and and recover the energy you need to get back on track.

Surf, endless beaches and 100% relaxation: We suggest you a spa hotel in Fuerteventura conceived to forget everything, immerse in the paradise offered by the incredible Jandía peninsula, at the southernmost end of the island, and leave behind all the stress and any indication of post-holiday syndrome. A spa hotel in Fuerteventura, between Morro Jable and Costa Calma, close to the most family-friendly area in the Matorral beach, connected by a pleasant path with the village and providing services that allow you to enjoy the authentic relaxation without even leaving the hotel. We stand out: price and quality highly recommended; modern facilities and spacious and well equipped rooms. It also has spa centre and it is possible to practice all kinds of water sports.

A spa in the room: The hotel with Jacuzzi in Tenerife (which also is a family hotel in Costa Adeje) that we propose for your renewal getaway is the Iberostar Bouganville Playa, an accommodation that, if you check reviews, you’ll see that it offers almost everything and with good quality at affordable prices. One of its strengths is that you can book your room with Jacuzzi and stay to enjoy your time, reading, listening to music or dozing in your own space, without trouble, or interruptions. Only you and absolute peace… We stand out: booking directly on the website of the chain you can get the lowest price guaranteed. If you find it cheaper on any other reservations site, Iberostar is committed to match it and give you, in addition, a 5% discount.

Garden Spa

Garden Spa

A real luxury to start September in style: If you’re one of those privileged ones who have savings in the account to invest them in holiday, then plan a break of a couple of days or a long weekend in this wellness and golf hotel in Almeria: Vincci Envia Almeria is part of the Vincci chain, it’s a breathtaking 5-star hotel where one could perfectly stay forever. It provides also one of the best gourmet gastronomy services in the area with adapted and healthy menus made with top quality products. We stand out: its cutting-edge wellness facilities, with a world-class professional team. Golf is also an interesting complement even if you’ve never practiced it: you can sign up for classes and it will be a perfect way to disconnect since, with little effort, you can enjoy sport outdoors, in a unique natural space.

Travel to paradise: Majorca is plenty of proposals… but we have opted for 2: an Adults Only hotel in Cala Millor and a spa and golf hotel close Palma. Each one is a different, being the first one much more advisable to escape from everything and retire to meditate beside the Mediterranean. For those who not only want to rest and are also looking for creative, different and entertaining plans, the second option is ideal because it is a 5-star hotel with everything you can need: two golf courses, one of the largest wellness and spa centres in the island, rooms and suites, gourmet restaurant, Sunday brunch…

Enjoy the finer things in life: to enjoy authentic experiences, nothing better than this proposal: book a hotel in the coast of Barcelona and take advantage of all that this destination can offer, which is a lot. Here you will find nature, traditional gastronomy, charming beaches, hidden corners to relax and enjoy loneliness facing the Mediterranean Sea, culture and roots… It is a more active plan, for those who understand relaxation as a mix of sensations and pleasures beyond pure relaxation on the sand of a beach. Besides, it is one of the most affordable plans because hotels in Maresme offer rates for all budgets.

Relaxation and glamour: Exquisite tastes? Then take note: Vincci Estrella de Mar. This spa and golf hotel in Marbella will captivate you. It is one of the most exclusive Vincci hotels, so it means that you can start getting ready for the best of the best. If, regardless of the cost, you look for an accommodation that it gives you everything, this is your hotel. We highlight its gourmet gastronomy; the spa and wellness area, its location in Marbella, facing the sea and with one of the most exclusive beach clubs in Costa del Sol. A place to pamper yourself and rub shoulders with the jet set.

Musical weekend in Madrid

Excuses to prolong the summer, party, laughter, trips. Here’s one for this post-holiday, tortuous September: weekend getaway to Madrid to enjoy good music, good ambience and Vermouth against Sunday hangover. Take your money, buy tickets and pack that we’re going to the DCode Festival.

DCODE Madrid

DCODE Madrid

What is DCode?

This festival prior to the autumn is being consolidated as one of the must-attend indie music events of Europe. In a single day (Saturday 12) and in a privileged location, the campus of the Complutense University of Madrid, the capital welcomes the new season with a luxury lineup for almost all tastes and ages: Sam Smith, Foals, Crystal Fighters, The Vaccines, Suede, Flo Morrissey, Wolf Alice, Izal, Supersubmarina… For 60 euros and the possibility of organizing a complete weekend in Madrid.

It is one of the few festivals that propose a day plan, with food trucks to liven up the stomachs of the festival-goers and shops and merchandising for fans. It is a custom little exploited in the music festivals in Spain, which tend to have most of the concerts and activities from 16: 30 in the afternoon. In this case, Dcode is making a strong bet on the day plan, with stages running from 11: 30 hours.

There will also be an extravagant sports plan: a football league involving sports journalists and some of the artists of the festival poster… And it is possible that a fan can enter into the official 11, so it is important not to lose detail of the news on the blog of the event.

And for fashionistas, Fashion Market with the presence of some of the most important designers of the moment in Spain, bright young hopes, consolidated brands, handicraft, gifts…




As always, the fastest option in Madrid. If you haven’t been in the capital for a long time ago, you will notice that individual tickets are quite more expensive than a few years ago. Buy 10 If you are going to be 2 or 3 days in the capital. See schedules and when in doubt, pass by the box office.

●       Metro: CIUDAD UNIVERSITARIA STATION LINE L-6 “Circular 1Y 2”


Another interesting, but perhaps less quick option because of the Madrid traffic, but more entertaining because you can see the city. The route from the centre is short, but passes through interesting areas. Departs from Cibeles and offers night service for those who finish early in the morning.

●       Buses: C ARTE C: U, G, 46, 82, 83, 132, 133, 162

●       Buses: C. D. CANTARRANAS: Línea N-20 “Cibeles- Peña grande neighbourhood”


The most expensive option but more direct. There is nothing like stopping a taxi in Madrid to take you to your destination. At night tend to be less, but it is still one of the cities in which this service is best provided.


More fashionable than ever. If you’re a modern person, this is the option for you. There is a public bicycle service provided by the city council: you can consult all the information on its website. You can also opt for booking a hotel in the centre of Madrid with free bikes, such as the Petit Palace hotels, which also have rooms with free wifi situated in Gran Via, Puerta del Sol, Chueca and the best neighbourhoods in the heart of Madrid.

Accommodation in Madrid: good, nice and at affordable prices

On the website of the festival you will find several hostels and hotels near the venue. Booking there is perfect for those who only go to see the festival because you save in transportation and get comfort. Try to book in advance because there are few rooms available.

For those who want to experience something more in the city… Hotels in the centre of Madrid have enough offers at this time and are the most convenient option: although you have to travel by metro to the University, the rest of the time you can experience the wealth of leisure, gastronomy and culture that provides the heart of Madrid without stress or rush. There are 4-star hotels in Madrid that, additionally, propose you a different experience to plan a fun getaway: cinema-inspired hotels in Madrid, hotels in the middle of Plaza Mayor, hotels in Puerta del Sol, gastronomic hotels in Las Letras neighbourhood… But it is difficult to choose because, as you can see, variety is not missing.