Alternatives to a different kind of tourism

There are one hundred and one ways to travel, from time to time more personalized, more guided to your preferences, to your liking. Although finding that perfect destination, that perfect hotel may not be easy at all. So we have to bite the bullet and save some money to pick a 4-5 star hotel since those are the ones that, nowadays, have the most complete and varied quality services.

Being an example the Iberostar deluxe hotel chain or Grand hotels, with several 5 star hotels in Tenerife, Budapest and Latin-America. Under the slogan “Resorts created to your pleasure”, we have an opportunity to live something different than usual since they have designed an exclusive accommodation package with affordable prices.

Grand Hotel Mencey

Grand Hotel Mencey

 The Grand Hotel Mencey is a 5 star pioneer hotel with spa in Santa Cruz, Tenerife that offer us, besides a high quality accommodation, some unique services that will make it a place we definitely will choose to stay if we travel to the island. One of the main reasons is, its gastronomic activities, gourmet meal plans, cooking courses, special ateliers, samples and tasting events. Everything is guided to the local flavours, to a gastronomic delightful destination.

 Besides, these plans are also thought for residents, creating a warming environment between the local people and the travellers, something not very common.

 Some Grand hotels in Tenerife have focused in improving their service to excellence, turning them usual holiday beach accommodation to a more solid touristic destinations like Costa Adeje. One of these hotels is El Mirador, an adult only resort located in front of Playa del Duque, thanks to this competitive advantage, they attract new clients and retain the regular customers.

Grand Hotel Mirador

 The strengths of these deluxe hotels are the facilities, the exclusive bedrooms, the personalized service, the gourmet gastronomy (one of the guest’s favourite feature), the private Chill Out zone, the cocktails, the comfort and last but not least its location.

 In the Grand Hotel Budapest case (yes, the Wes Anderson’s one), they aimed to a different strategy, more guided to a deluxe urban hotel standard, but even in this case they have tried to improve the hotel’s immersion with the location, creating common meeting and business places, sharing with another culture (The restaurants offers some quality Spain delicacies and wines for their guest and the locals too) and admiration for the city’s art and essence.