A wellness trip to Andorra

Since many years ago, Andorra is one of the pioneering destinations in wellness tourism. A lot of people travel every year to the Principality motivated by the desire of enjoying wellness, health and beauty treatments in some of its thermal-leisure centres.

Caldea is the most famous centre in Andorra and the biggest one placed in the European mountains, although there are many other mountain wellness centres and spa resorts offering these services and treatments. Actually, in the last years there are more and more spas and hotels trying to be in the vanguard of wellness treatments due to the great demand in Andorra.


In 2013, Inúu was opened, the new wellness centre attached to Caldea (both belonging to the same society) which has got a foothold with its innovative “Wellness Attitude” concept. While Caldea offers services and treatments more focused on groups and families, Inúu is designed for customers who want to enjoy the facilities with the partner or alone, creating a closer and more peaceful atmosphere.

Both centres stock up from the hot springs of Escaldes-Engordany, but they offer services and especially different atmospheres. In Inúu you breath peacefulness and calm allowing to reach the high point of relaxation. In Caldea, guests forget its worries and enjoy the water with their family.


The best thing of the thermal leisure centres is that you can enjoy them during the whole year. In winter, they are the ideal way to finish a day after being skiing, and in summer they are the perfect complement to practice adventure sports or a day of tourism by the Principality.

Recommended hotels in Andorra:

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