A tour of the coast of Ibiza: Es Canar (Part II)

On our tour of the coast of Ibiza we could not forget to include one of the most marvellous beaches of the “White Island”, the beach of Es Canar. Full of light, white sand, spectacular cliffs, typical Mediterranean vegetation and with a hippie spirit, is the perfect description of this small corner part of the municipality of Santa Eularia des Riu, visited by thousands of people from all over the world that look to relax and reconnect with nature, and the peace of a unique place in the world.

The coves, bays and white sandy beaches surround this lively town where small coves predominate and where some of the most exclusive accommodations and tourist services in Ibiza: Sa Galera, Sa Carbonera, Ses Pedrises, Calo des Gat and Cala Martina, Cala Nova and Punta Arabi, where every Wednesday a hippy market is held, one of the essential events during the summer in Ibiza.

Hotels in Ibiza

Hotels in Ibiza

But, if there is an emblematic place in the area, this is the beach of Es Canar (or Es Cana).  This is a long white sandy beach, of about 400 meters long and 10 meters wide, with turquoise waters, small waves and a welcoming atmosphere. It has the distinctive Blue Flag due to its comprehensive services and its own anchor zone, but it is common to see in summer numerous yachts close to the shore. Also, it is one of the few beaches in Ibiza that is still considered nudist, although it is practise less nowadays.

On the beach of Es Canar, one can find some of the best family hotels in Ibiza, more modest hostels and numerous family apartments just a few steps from the beach, like the Miami Ibiza Apartments or the Art Apartments. Bars and Restaurants apartments can be found along the swimming area and they offer wonderful views of the Mediterranean.

The shallow waters of this coastal area in Ibiza make it the perfect family destination. In contrast with places like San Antonio or the centre of the town of Ibiza, which are orientated towards a young audience and nightlife, the municipality of Santa Eulalia and, Es Canar in particular, are quieter destinations.