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Best travel destinations for May: Cancun

Deciding on a vacation destination can be complicated. What type of vacation do you want? How much are you willing to spend? Is it easy to get to? Is the climate ideal for the dates you want to travel? Is the region safe?

cancun tourist safety

It can be a complicate process, and one which I recently went through. With my work schedule I have the freedom to travel during the month of May, so I started with that. What are the best travel destinations during May? Many of the experts recommend locations north of the equator, including Europe, areas of Africa and the Caribbean. Keeping this in mind, I asked myself what type of vacation I wanted? A beach vacation, an adventurous mountain experience or a cultural city escape. I landed on a beach vacation as a result of wanting to completely relax and enjoy the warmth of the sun. My next question was what destination is easily accessible? Coming from the United States, I decided to eliminate Europe and Africa, ultimately landing on the Caribbean.


Ok, so the Caribbean it is, but where exactly? I love Mexico, but it hasn’t had the greatest rap as of late due to the drug cartel violence. I began searching whether or not Mexico is safe, and furthermore, what regions are safest. After reading various forums, blogs, and government travel advisories, I concluded that Cancun is one of the safest areas of Mexico. Not only is the Zona Hotelera incredibly safe and there are no strict travel advisories against the region, but tourism has increased in the region steadily even after negative publicity. This clearly shows the confidence people have when traveling to Cancun and the surrounding region.

is it safe to travel cancun

So while it does take some time to find the perfect vacation for you, it is well worth it in the end. I can honestly say that I am incredibly excited for my week long visit to the paradise of Cancun in May. If you need me, you can find me lounging on the fine white sands of Cancun with a good book, ice cold drink and views of the picturesque turquoise waters!