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Top Golf Destinations in Autumn

With a climate that has been, for centuries, the envy of our European neighbors and with facilities worthy of listing, giving yourself a few days of golf in our country is certain to be a success. From North to South, Spain has golf courses that are real gems, just focus on the island of Mallorca, on Valencia, on Tenerife or on Andalusia.

They are destinations with maximum sunshine even in winter. Also you can find everything from independent golf courses (where you pay a daily or hourly rate) to perfect hotels with golf courses that are a real delight and that offer a full service.

Hoteles de golf

 The sports magic of Cádiz

Beyond its humour and its traditional fried fish, Cadiz is known for sports disciplines such as riding, surfing, kitesurfing, tennis and golf. With golf courses that are outstanding worldwide, the home of “the silver cup” offers everything for lovers of this sport.

People choose Cadiz for its quality / price ratio which is unique, for its great climate, the character of its people, its food and also because you can find hotels specializing in golf in various parts of the province (ideal for those looking for a golf hotel in Chiclana with all the rules).

Golf from the North to the South of Tenerife

For those who have decided to jump into the pool by choosing to book the services of a Costa Adeje golf hotel we have good news: the island of Tenerife is, without a doubt, one of the best destinations for golf in the Autumn months. The reasons for this are obvious: fewer tourists, better prices and a climate that remains (almost always) above 22 degrees. What more could you ask for?

Isla Canela, the jewel of the crown

Under shelter of the best natural beaches of all Andalusia and with a cool but pleasant climate, Isla Canela is the jewel of the crown for those who want to enjoy golf in the Autumn months. It is a place with courses of indisputable quality in which to enjoy the sport like never before. In other words, opting for an Isla Canela golf hotel is a wise choice from start to finish.



Everything you wanted to know about Punta Cana and they never told you

One of the things which mature international destinations have in common, (i.e. those that are the first choice for MICE or honeymoon trips), is that they do not require much explanation or details to appeal both to backpackers and resort tourists. In other words, just a travel guide is enough, filled with pictures of beaches, sunsets, coconut palms and Caribbean cocktails for us to decant for these destinations in under a minute.

Beyond this statement, to consider that a mature wellknown destination doesn’t merit any attention beyond purely what “sells” is a mistake that many travelers usually fall into. One of those destinations is Punta Cana. Are you about to cross the pond and want to take note of some of those rare things which stand out but are not in the usual tourist brochures? This month we are going to list some.

punta cana

 One of the busiest airports in the Caribbean

While it may appear that others take the cake as far as arrival and departure of tourists are concerned, the fact is that there is no airport in the Caribbean busier than Punta Cana. With hundreds of connections and thousands of tourists coming and going 24 hours a day, Punta Cana airport takes the prize in the Dominican Republic. Another notable fact is that is well above the international airport of Santo Domingo as far as operations are concerned.

 “All inclusive” high quality Hotels

Being a mature tourist destination means that the renovation of the hotel industry and services is a constant. The result? High quality hotels that offer the best hotel rooms in Punta Cana as well as an ‘all inclusive’ that is unique in the world. Good examples of this are establishments like the impressive hotel Catalonia Punta Cana.

Higuey, more than a colonial village 

Although Punta Cana hides a thousand and one treasures well worth discovering once at the destination, there is nothing comparable to the visit to the town of Higuey.

Founded in the early sixteenth century (back in 1503), Higüey is ranked as one of the oldest cities in the Americas hence its importance, its history and its incomparable beauty. What is most outstanding? Its roots to ancient traditions and architectural legacy that goes beyond what the guidebooks describe.