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Heading to the North Mallorca, looking for natural relaxation

Our rhythm of everyday life and work pressures are two of the reasons that lead many people to travel the earth in order to switch off. This temporary calm helps us meet our true selves so that we allow ourselves to enjoy the small pleasures of life. We do this with a break in which all that matters is rest and relaxation.

Far from the frenetic summer vacation when you have to deal with tourists and destinations that in many cases, are overcrowded; taking a relaxing trip in these first weeks of autumn is a winning and effective option. The key to success is in choosing the correct destination since not everywhere is perfect.

Can Picafort, North of Majorca

Can Picafort, North of Mallorca

Options such as the Picos de Europa or cities such as Burgos (quiet by nature) are perfect for lovers of alpine sports, cold but warmed by endless fireside chats. Of course, if your aim is to switch off in the shelter of a kinder temperature and a chic ‘seaside’ atmosphere there is nothing better than opting for places like Mallorca.

Although most visitors who choose Mallorca focus on the southeast (in places like Paguera, Santa Ponsa or Andratx), there is nothing better than going in search of tranquility to the north of the island where places like Can Picafort and Alcudia are popular. How and where can you capture the island’s relaxing “take it easy” essence?

Enjoying nature

Mallorca is nature in its purest state so is a perfect place to visit for lovers of beautiful landscapes. Getting to know natural surroundings such as the Parc de S’Albufera or enjoying unspoiled beaches like Can Picafort and Muro or others like Son Serra de Marina, are some of the “natural” options that can be enjoyed.

Taste and flavor

They say that when you switch off, the palate has a lot to say. To be able to forget, bit by bit, the restrictive rules and habits to which we adhere throughout the winter, is easy on a trip to Mallorca and the island is a jewel as far as food is concerned. Where should you choose? Enjoy the best of the island’s fresh fish in some of the restaurants that make up the Puerto de Alcudia.

Water sports and peace

Whether practicing Yoga SUP or enjoying a few hours of kayaking, truthfully there is nothing better than northern Mallorca to get rid of stress using the nautical sports as an excuse. These fun activities can be enjoyed both in Can Picafort and Puerto de Alcudia.

Hotels in Mallorca to escape stress
Another key to success when hoping to switch off for a few days in a different destination from our place of residence is in choosing the perfect hotel. Although there are many chains on the island, there is nothing like choosing what the Ferrer Hotels chain has to offer, since it is a company specialized in letting you relax from your first minute. What are your choices? Enjoy the best services and a unique setting (like playa de Son Bauló) choosing from two of its flagship hotels: the Hotel Ferrer Janeiro and the Hotel Ferrer Concord.

Objective? To thoroughly live the Lloret de Mar of the rich sea-traders

Seasoned travelers and experts say that to get to know a destination really well, it is not enough just to scratch the surface and enjoy the obvious. To show we are real travelers, to drink in and enjoy the essence of each place we are supposed to throw ourselves into the unknown side of those destinations that we consider “basic” or simply “sun and beach”.

In all this you can take note of a doyen destination in our country such as Lloret de Mar, one of the jewels of the Selva region, in the province of Girona. It is this part of our country that is a magnet for those seeking sun and beach and it is an authentic temple of history. In fact, did you know that thousands of locals crossed the seas to make their fortunes and then return to Lloret de Mar?

Beach in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava

Beach in Lloret de Mar, Costa Brava

The presence of the Spaniards who returned rich from the Americas resulted in a unique architectural heritage in the area and centuries of history have subsequently formed a perfect tourist tour to give that special touch to some relaxing time in Catalonia. What are the highlights?

The Town House

One of the greatest exponents of the ‘Nabob’ presence in Lloret de Mar is the local municipality. With a clear neoclassic style, the council came to life in 1872, at the height of the rich sea-trader’s return. With its yellow facade, its windows and wrought iron bells, it is no wonder it is one of the most photographed spots in Lloret. .

The Cemetery

While visiting a cemetery is not one of those plans that will seduce all travelers, strolling through the cemetery in Lloret de Mar is an experience, especially if one follows the path of the returned sea-traders. Remodeled in the late nineteenth century, the place retains some of the graves of those who dared to reach the Americas.

The Maritime Museum

Beyond its Catalan essence, this town is pure sea (hence its name). Since the sea was what started Lloret de Mar’s success, few places have put together so well the sea-traders presence as the Museum of the Sea, a unique location overlooking the Mediterranean that becomes a real walk through local history.

Hotels in Lloret de Mar
Lloret de Mar is a place that can boast of having a range of first class hotels. Although some may have more or fewer stars and more or fewer services, there are those that give exceptional value for price such as the FERGUS San Juan Park or FERGUS Style Plaza Paris SPA, both with the FERGUS Hotel’s seal of quality.