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What to ask a wellness getaway

Organize a wellness getaway can be a success or a resounding failure depending on the choices you make. Therefore, we must draw the rush of the case and store them with winter clothes. The summer is to enjoy. And it must be taken seriously. It is best that before booking anything, you can consult agency tourist trips what are the best destinations and hotels to enjoy a few days of relaxation and wellness or you can spend some time to inform Internet of the thousand and one possibilities that exist today in this holiday segment.

Fashion wellness (wellness tourism) falls under what is known as health tourism, ranging from traditional spas to large hotels and resorts with spa, massage and treatments. Choosing carefully is very important since we are talking about skin care, physiotherapy and relaxation for the back, legs and neck areas. It should therefore learn much, in detail and in advance of where we’re going to get. Sometimes, as we know, cheap is expensive. And, after all, we are talking about health.

A good spa hotel in a nice location and variety of proposals and plans is the perfect combination because, although you’ll spend long periods between the spa of your accommodation and other facilities relaxing area, you can probably spend your time walk around and know the environment. Destinations such as Majorca, Tenerife, Lanzarote, off the coast of Andalucía (Marbella, Huelva, Cadiz …) or even the north, where the spa tourism segment is one of the most developed and requested throughout the year especially in winter.

1. Cleaning and hygiene certified

If something must demand a spa center it is undoubtedly a good cleaning and maximum guarantees of hygiene. They are places where many people share pools, sauna and sun loungers, where it is very common to be very close with very few barriers between one person and another, bare, indoors or bathing clothes, using the same seats, bathtubs and showers. Here, among vapors and scrubs, with the most sensitive skin that is never imperative that the most comprehensive precautionary measures to avoid the spread of fungal diseases or respiratory type are taken. Not all hotel spas you can reserve have the same quality in their systems clean, safe and conditioning so it is essential informed and, if necessary, invest more money in a good spa center trying to save for that side.

2. Modern and functional installations

As with maintenance and cleaning about the type of facilities: it is better than the spa or spa reserves have less space and less range of treatments but they are modern, practical and safe. Some spa hotels in Marbella this point-and-virtually every spa hotel in Playa de Palma, hotels stand out for having renovated these facilities and to integrate into their workforces to real professionals. The fact that they are managed by health professionals is an added guarantee when deciding. Request accreditations for managing the wellness space, especially those who are responsible for implementing and massage treatments, is a way of collating Unpleasant before booking.

3. Saunas and Jacuzzi

There are already two classics and the latest is that you do not only have indoor Jacuzzi in holistic spa area but also offers you some outdoor (either in the chill roof like out often happens in hotels spa more urbanos- or well in the pool area and spa hotels in Chiclana, Malaga, Costa Adeje and other iconic beach destinations). The sauna can be of various types, some confuse with what is called Turkish bath or Hamman because deep fulfill similar functions but it is true that it is most common and found a Turkish bath in offering services of a hotel a sauna. The Finnish sauna is a good alternative and it really ideal, is that the wellness center you choose to combine all options offering a very varied circuit and complete as possible.

4. Hot Springs

The best spas in front of the spa is that the former are built on water sources with thermal properties and therefore they provide health benefits well above those that can provide a spa fresh water or normal saline. The northern zone, as mentioned above, is offered by more spas as near the mountains is where flowering births thermal water most sought our country: Galicia, Asturias, Basque Country and the Pyrenees, including the entire area Andorra, are destinations with many fine resort hotels.

5. Circuits scheduled wellness

Although it sounds more measured and less flexible, it is certain that centers and wellness spa offering wellness circuits are better alternative than not. Why? Because these circuits and make some general guidelines that favor all constitutions and health conditions of its members are as a basic formula to get combat stress, mild contractures and anxiety really are an advantage.

6. Children Spas

Normally centers and wellness spa spaces reserved for people over 14 or 16 years. But there are more and more hotels and resorts offer spas for children and at the service of parents beneficial to the health of their children in which they themselves can enjoy a great time with the kids while relaxing facilities. Most are basic, offering whirlpool tubs, pool areas with small streams and jets, bubble bath areas and in some very specific, also include massages and therapies for babies.

7. originalplans wellness

Beyond the treatments and facilities that can offer the spa today you can opt for facilities that provide a plus: personalized care and health plans 5 stars that make up a package of relaxation and wellness with which it is difficult to compete. Some of these features are born initiatives such as the so-called sprunch (which blends the benefits of the spa with healthy cooking) or wellness breaks over a week, for which you can program cycles of personal training or dieting followed by a professional nutrition.

Change of name at the Petit Palace Italia: now it is Petit Palace Triball

The funny, different, personalised and modern Petit Palace Italia, in the centre of Madrid, changes its name and becomes the Petit Palace Triball. It keeps being a 4-star hotel offering a perfect stay to families and travellers with pet. In addition, now it offers a 25% discount for reservations made through the website.

Petit Palace Hotels has become so famous that when somebody tells us that he has booked a vacation in one of the hotels of the chain, we turn green with envy. And we are not sucking up to the chain, we are just being honest. At few hotels in Madrid like those of Petit Palace you can enjoy rooms with a design worth of Instagram collections or an iPad for yourself.

We must praise the chain for this and much more. That is why when we heard that the hotel had changed its name we decided to announce it here: the Petit Palace Italia does not disappear, we have not lost it, it simply changes its name and becomes the Petit Palace Triball.

It is a hotel of modern and functional design, with minimalist touches and details for every guest. You will always find somebody at reception looking forward to helping you: whatever the question is, a smile and kindness are guaranteed (at least that was our experience when we stayed there).

Family room in Petit Palace Triball Hotel

Family room in Petit Palace Triball Hotel

The hotel has a great architecture: a large building with diaphanous spaces, high ceilings, large windows… In fact, it was built in a building from the XIXth century and it has the classic layout of the old and majestic Madrid.

For friends, couples, children and pets

This hotel with rooms in the centre of Madrid, near Gran Via, has always been one of our recommendations for trips with friends and for couples who travel to Madrid, but even more for family trips, as it offers many services to children.

And the most important thing: it is also a perfect hotel for those who travel with their pet everywhere: the Petit Palace Triball admits pets. In addition, the hotel offers special beds for dogs and bowls for free, so that our pet enjoys a stay as pleasant as ours at the hotel. It is a wonderful detail, isn’t it?

Free services

The Petit Palace Triball (before Petit Palace Italia) keeps offering very interesting services that will allow you to make the most of your stay in the  capital:

  • Free bike rental for you to make a tour to Casa de Campo, El Retiro, La Latina…

  • Free Wi-Fi for you to connect in any area of the hotel and in the rooms (in this case with computer included).

  • Internet in the entire Madrid… Yes! Petit offers MIFI to all its clients, that is, mobile connection so that you move, see, walk and visit Madrid without spending your mobile data.

  • Gifts and games for children: leave their stuff at home, as the hotel will offer you entertainment for everybody. And free stroller!

  • Complete buffet breakfasts. You will wake up eager to try all the delicacies of the breakfast we serve in the dining room. In addition, now breakfast is free for reservations made on the website.

Reminder: make your reservation in advance, as the hotel is normally fully booked during spring. In summer you will have more options to get a room, but do not wait until the end if you want to choose one of the hotel’s best rooms. You can choose a room for two, three, four, five or even six guests! And everything in the heart of Gran Via.

Zaragoza and Granada, two destinations for mountain lovers

The combination “summer” and “mountain destination” is perfect for those who want to live a different vacation far away from the bustling cities and with services that have nothing to do with sun bathes and with the saltpetre of the sea.

Although the Pyrenees or the Asturian mountains are two important attractions for those who want to live their holidays in the mountain, destinations like Granada or Zaragoza allow for the combination of rest, nature, gastronomy and culture. Two essential destinations of our geography perfect for a complete holiday.

A summer in Granada

The fact that locals do not want to leave the city in summer is prove that Granada is a fabulous summer destination. Located near coastal areas like Motril or Almeria’s beaches, Granada offers the traveller a rhythmic, colourful and tasteful summer. If you choose the capital of the Alhambra for a summer vacation, you will be able to enjoy delicious tapas, craft beer and cool promenades around Albayzin.

Sierra Nevada during summer

Sierra Nevada during summer

Granada offers options for all tastes and at a good quality price ratio: from excursions to Sierra Nevada and Pico del Veleta (the fourth highest peak of our country) to walks along the narrow streets of Alcaiceria.

Do you have doubts regarding the accommodation? For those who want a safe bet and who want a top vacation in Granada, the best option is a Vinci Hotel like the

Vincci Albayzin Hotel: Located in the historic centre of the city, the Vincci Albayzin Hotel offers the services proper of the hotel chain and a charming ambiance provided by a typical Andalusian building of Arabian inspiration. This accommodation offers exclusive services like sauna, gym or a luxury restaurant where to try some of the most delicious local dishes.

Vincci Rumaykiyya Hotel: For those who want to visit Sierra Nevada no matter what, the Vincci Rumaykiyya Hotel  is their best option. This five-star hotel with stunning views and an exclusive wide range of services is considered one of the most beautiful hotels in Europe (apart from being one of the highest ones).

Zaragoza, looking for the magic of Aragon

Although it is the fifth most populated city in Spain, Zaragoza displays a special calm and an innate quietness. The capital of Aragon, considered one of the most important cultural destinations of our country, is the perfect place for an inland summer vacation with views of the mountain and of its three rivers.

In this fantastic city you will be able to visit the beautiful Monasterio de Piedra natural park, practice rafting in the Ebro or climb in some of the nearby mountains. Zaragoza is the perfect place for resting, for reconnecting with nature and for all those activities we cannot do on a daily basis.
If you want to enjoy a perfect experience in Zaragoza, we recommend you to make a reservation at the Vincci Zaragoza Zentro Hotel, a hotel located within a five minutes’ walk to the city centre, with private indoor parking (something important considering it is located in the city centre) and with bikes for clients.