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Enjoy Palmanova or Magalluf with Sol Hotels

Two impressive beaches worth mentioning: Palmanova and Magalluf, both in Mallorca and the most famous beaches in this island. You don’t want to miss this famous beach destination visited by lots of tourists every year, and that’s why Sol Hotelsoffers you two great options so you can enjoy the beach to the fullest. They are perfect to travel with your couple and enjoy the sun in Mallorca.

In Palmanova: Sol Beach House Hotel

The first option is an “only adults” hotel in Palmanova. Most of the rooms of Sol Beach House Hotel offer panoramic sea views.

At Sol Beach House hotel you will enjoy:

·       Direct access to Palmanova Beach

·       Outdoor pools bounded by beautiful gardens

·       Live music and cocktails at nights

·       Pool & Lounge Bar with spectacular views of Palmanova beach

·       Mediterranean and international cuisine at the buffet restaurant

·       Take advantage of its excellent location close to Castillo de Bellver or the centre of Palma

In Magalluf: Sol House Trinidad Hotel

You cannot miss one of the best beaches in Mallorca, Magalluf beach is one of the most visited beaches in the entire island. You should discover its natural beauty, its white sand and crystal water. Sol Hoteles makes it easy and offers you Sol House so you can enjoy things like these:

·       New commercial boulevard close to the hotel, where to go shopping without difficulties.

·       Party nights at Sol House Trinidad, and at The Sol Sets

·       A Pets Welcome pack allows you to come with your lovely pet on holiday, as they also deserve it.

·       Golf courses nearby.

·       A hotel where party  never ends: guest DJs every weekend.

Sol House Trinidad, a hotel within 50 meters of Magalluf Beach, which rooms, decoration, kind atmosphere and beautiful views will charm you.

Recommendations to visit the historical Madrid

Madrid is one of the most visited capitals in Europe. Many people visit Madrid every month just to go shopping avoiding stress and visiting top international brand boutiques.

Madrid is a one of the best cities where to enjoy famous green areas like El Retiro park, the amazing natural paradise in Spain. For many people Madrid is culture, a place where you can discover and learn many things.  It has a wide range of museums, which are unique in the world, such as  Museo del Prado or the contemporary museum of Reina Sofia.

Ideal en cualquier época del año, aquí te damos algunos consejos para disfrutar Madrid de la forma más divertida y sin dejarte nada:

A capital full of monuments and churches

If you want to visit and enjoy Madrid, you should include in your tour list some of the following best monuments and churches in the city:

●       Cibeles fountain: it’s Paseo del Prado’s main attraction also called “La Cibeles”. It shows the goddess that takes care of the land, and the place where Real Madrid commemorates its victories.

●      Puerta de Alcala: main focus of poems and songs intersecting with 4 streets of the city centre.

●      Museo del Prado: it’s one of the most visited museums in Spain. It boasts some of the best art works.


Walks and Parks all over

If you have already seen some of the main emblematic places and buildings of the Spanish capital on your city break, take some time to walk across its well-kept green areas, the afterwork meeting point for lots of locals, where they spend time chatting, doing sport, walking:

●      Paseo del Prado

●      Parque del Retiro: one of the biggest parks with impressive green areas. It’s an icon for the city, where you can walk, relax or eat an ice cream accompanied by a special person. uno de los parques más grandes, con áreas verdes de inmejorable visual.

●      Casadecampo: it’s a must-see place. It’s impossible to describe its beauty. We can just say that it’s much bigger than Central Park in New York.

Accommodation recommendations

There are four interesting options if you need a good accommodation in Madrid. WE detail you below a list of some of the best hotels you should bear in mind while choosing your accommodation. We choose Vincci’s chain because of its amazing design. They guarantee you a memorable experience:

●      Vincci Capitol hotel

●      Vincci Soho hotel

●      Vincci Centrum

●      Vincci Soma Hotel

It’s time to visit Barcelona: activities and accommodations

One of the big European cities where you would love to live and explore calmly is Barcelona.It’s one of the safest cities in the world, with high quality public services and a great artistic history. Catalonia capital invites us to travel around it and explore its beaches and museums, as well as going shopping in the city, visiting its varied shops or simply enjoy a romantic getaway at the weekend. It’s also the perfect city for business meetings at its specially designed hotel. In conclusion, you must visit it.

Activities in Barcelona

If you have enough time, you may want to visit some of the beaches in Barcelona such as:  Sant Sebastia, Sant Miquel, Barceloneta, Nova Icaria, Bogatell, Mar Bella, Baños del Forum.

If you would like to visit the most emblematic places of the city, you should go to: Museo Picasso, Fundacion Joan Miro, Castillo de Montjuic, Torre Agbar, Sagrada Familia Basilique, Plaza de Cataluña, Tibidabo, or the magic Montjuic fountain.

Where to stay at Barcelona?

There is a wide range of hotels where to stay or spend the day in the Catalan capital. We made a list of the best accommodation options in Barcelona, taking into account the service quality, the location and the deals and experiences offered, because your stay is essential for us. Here’s a list of the best hotels you can choose if you visit Barcelona:

·       One of the best design hotels in the centre of Barcelona. It’s one of the most demanded hotels because of its guest services. We are talking about Petit Palace Barcelona. The best advantage of this hotels is its location, close to any place you would like to visit. The perfect hotel for a city break without any transport or traffic difficulty. An amazing 4-star hotel.

·       Museum Barcelona: the Petit Museum Barcelona hotel is an architectural jewel, perfect for a romantic getaway in Barcelona or for a business meeting. It’s just in front of Plaza de Cataluña and it’s considered an architectural icon of Catalan modernism.

If you are in Madrid these days: Immerse yourself in the best art!

Once again: Madrid is Spain’s capital city. Both Madrid and Barcelona are the most important cities in Spain and Madrid is one of the most densely populated not just in Spain, but in Europe. However, it’s not a stressful city at all.

After a long period of Arab influence (which is reflected in most of the ancient buildings), Madrid is now a symbol of pluriculturalism, where everybody is welcome and equally treated. Baroque, classical and gothic styles are mixed all over the city. The most diverse cultures live together. What more can you ask for?

Where to go in Madrid?

Madrid is full of emblematic places to visit, such as Metropolis building or Almudena’s Cathedral and its kind people will make you feel great in this beautiful destination. We suggest you some of the must-visit places of the Spanish capital below:

Unforgettable places in the city

  • Palacio Real in Madrid: residence of the Spanish kings until the 30’s in the past century.

  • Puerta de Alcala: it’s located in Plaza de la Independencia and so famous and popular that you already want to go.

  • Parque del Retiro: a huge green area where you can walk and enjoy the natural environment.

  • Fuente de Cibeles: it’s located in Paseo del Prado. It’s also called “la Cibeles” and depicts the homonymous goddess.

  • Museo de America: it’s full of American works from pre-columbian to colonial period.

hotel close to Plaza Santa Ana in Madrid

hotel close to Plaza Santa Ana in Madrid

The final recommendation: a good place to stay

In the 18th century, the duke of Noblejas turned this place into his palace. Now this historical palace is a modernist 4-star hotel, which classical style remains alive. Hotel Catalonia Las Cortes in Madrid’s historic centre is a renovated palace offering their guests the luxury and nobility of yore in a charming place, from which to enjoy Madrid.

The glass windows, the stairs and all the frescoes have been restored and give a touch of elegance and beauty to the place. You can reach Museo del Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza Collection and Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in 10 minutes walk. Close to everywhere!

room in Catalonia Las Cortes Hotel

room in Catalonia Las Cortes Hotel

Health tourism in Spain

Health tourism, wellness tourism. Spain is one of the destinations promoting both concepts, joining and interconnecting them, but keeping the required differentiation. Because based on its differentiation, we take a global view of how tourism sector is being developed in this area over the last few years.

According to a study of the Tourism Ministry (the unique and last study made in 2013), differentiation is a key factor, however the union of these two concepts is necessary and inevitable:

“Health tourism is the process in which a person travels to be provided health services in a different country from the one he is living. The main reason for the trip is searching those health services in a wider sense.”

It is in this “wide sense” in which health services are understood, also called wellness services, which in fact are increasingly important in hospitality industry and most demanded among those travelling from inside and outside the country. There are a lot of people visiting Spain on holidays to take advantage of the Spanish health system, considered one of the most complete and efficient in the world. That’s why hotels close to hospitals are more valuable in Barcelona and Madrid, cities where you can find the best and world-famous health centres and hospitals in the country. Not to mention the constant travellers’ flow, choosing their hotel depending on its wellness and beauty services.

Wellness tourism is recognized by the Tourism Ministry as a sub-segment of health tourism, indisputably essential now and one of the economically best positioned in the sector. The investments made in this sense have not stopped and most of the top tourism firms in Spain (big hotel chains) accept that most of the improvements in this respect are already amortized.

“Health tourism (…) includes not just medical tourism, but the sub-segment wellness tourism, which has more to do with prevention of illnesses affecting tourist health.”

Taking this into account, we can clearly make the difference always talking about A) Medical tourism and B) Wellness tourism, as both are health tourism and highly important for the portfolio of the Spanish sector. Travellers profile from one and another segment vary and it is really important that businessmen, hoteliers and managers of the complimentary tourism industry catch them.

In this sense, the study of the Tourism Ministry includes a classification -definition of the health traveller profile that perfectly determines these two questions:

A health tourist is someone that travels looking for health club services or spa to reduce stress, thermal treatments or the most complex processes in a hospital. Based on tourism sector view, health tourism implies promoting that travelling to a particular place is good for your health because of its special climate, its natural resources or the health services provided in this place (Goodrich, 1994).

Exactly, an essential element is being introduced (whereby this type of tourism is much more demanded in Spain than in the rest of Europe -except Budapest and Switzerland spa cities-): the destination is essential because it is considered an optimal scenario for health care due to its climate or services.

A sunny destination with beaches, nature, gastronomy and well-connected is always a plus. Even more, if public health centres, security and atmosphere are also great, as in Spain.

Wellness made in Spain

Wellness and Spa tourism has notably increased over the last few years, trying to offer travellers the opportunity to enjoy a healthy getaway in top class destinations. In this sense, most of the accommodations started a reconversion process, creating spa hotels in Playa de Palma, wellness resorts in Almeria and promoting family hotels in Costa Adeje, Tenerife  with jacuzzi and the rest of the major beach destinations in our country.

Luxury hotels in Tenerife with spa centres are a great example to follow: their facilities are the most and best worked, adapting them to the demand and taking advantage of the destination assets related to relax, health and wellness. In Spain, there are few places where you could spend some days disconnected from routine and absolutely committed to self-care. In the field of accommodation, we cannot forget those which mix leisure and entertainment like the only adults hotels in Costa Adeje, specialized in couple services and romantic getaways; and spa hotels in Tenerife, that combine the two main motivations for luxury tourism in our country.

Andalucia is another popular destination in Spain for spa and relaxation getaways. A region full of unique natural places, with national parks like Doñana, where you can feel the authentic nature just by walking alone with your sneakers and your backpack, to then return to your hotel to rest. In most of the accommodations in the Andalusian Coast, it is really common to find wellness facilities, as the spa hotels in Cadis, one of the most recommended cities for a relaxing family holiday. All usually stand out as All Inclusive resorts, although wellness treatments are a plus and require an extra fee.

This is in fact the key of the investment on wellness tourism: it is considered a special facility and an added value of the destination and the resort, which in most cases gives distinction and luxury to the establishment.

In this sense, other interesting destinations are Galicia, where thermal culture is ancient and well-preserved, with lots of spas all over the region, especially in the area of Rias Baixas; all Cantabrian Coast has a great health tourism offer, in addition to its gastronomy and wine; and Mallorca is one of the most exclusive spots to enjoy a relaxing holiday with top quality services.

Palmanova: exploring the coast has never been so entertaining

Palmanova is just next to Magalluf. It’s one of the most popular holiday destinations in Mallorca. It’s the perfect destination whether you are travelling with family, kids, your couple, or alone for business. You will find everything you need to make your stay memorable.

Palmanova was a fishing town, where old fishing boats have been now replaced by huge cruise ships and luxury yachts, and the investment in its beaches was really high. You don’t want to miss it.

Hundreds of activities await you

Palmanova is a great holiday destination with great weather almost throughout the year, offering tourists and travellers a friendly atmosphere combined with lots of organized activities and where you can enjoy going for a dip.

FERGUS Tobago Hotel, Palmanova

FERGUS Tobago Hotel, Palmanova

What to see or do in Palmanova?

  • Islas Malgrats: catamarans depart from Santa Ponsa to Malgrats 3 times a day. Check which catamaran will stop in the islands, as you will be able to dive while fishes are fed. All marine life lovers will feel like a “fish in water”

  • Water sports: you can do whatever you want. You can find all sort of water sports in Palmanova. If you don’t like water sports, you can also practice beach volley or running along the coast before enjoying nightlife.

  • Night Clubs: first class nightclubs were developed at the same time as tourism development. Enjoying good music and exclusive drinks is easy in Palmanova, as nightclubs’ offer is wide.

More recommendations

One of the best advantages of Palmanova is its tourism and hotel development. With beaches awarded by the European Union, FERGUS Hotels offers the best alternatives with two highly recommendable hotels: FERGUS Style Palmanova, a beautiful adults only hotel and FERGUS Tobago, a comfortable hotel for families and couples.

Holidays and sport together: Huelva and Mallorca

I don’t know who indicated that holidays mean just absolute relax, spa, meditation and resting all day and walk around the room in your underwear, from the beach to the TV and not much more. It’s becoming increasingly common for a lot of tourists to experience themed holidays. Among the most demanded themed holidays, we stand out those which include sport activities. Although there are agencies offering sport events packages, Garden Hotels has gone beyond that, so you will enjoy sport activities while spending a first class holiday at exotic places.

Garden Sports offers

Garden Sports offers

In Mallorca: available sports and hotels

Playa Garden Hotel & Spa, located in the north side of Mallorca is perfect for cyclists. It has parking for guests and a free bicycle repair garage so you can repair or modify your bike before starting your tour across the island. After your cycling tour you can clean your bike for free. Therefore, if you are a cycling lover, this is the perfect place for you. Also Alcudia Garden in Mallorca, where cyclists will have the same services as in Playa Garden.

Moreover, both include exclusive menus for athletes, which they can modify depending on their caloric requirements.

In Huelva: offers and sports

In Huelva and more specifically in Rompido’s region, there’s an only adults original hotel surrounded by lonely beaches. It’s the Hotel Garden Playanatural, located just a few meters from the beach where you can run along the seashore to recover your neuromuscular system.

Hotel Garden Playanatural offers a personalised and varied menu for athletes such as gluten free dishes, vegetarian meals, high carbohydrate content dishes and dietetic food.

Available sports

  • Team sports: football, basketball, volleyball.

  • Individual sports: golf, tennis and surf.

In addition, the hotels of Garden Hotels offer gym and pilates areas.

Travelling to Barcelona for pleasure? Here’s your guide!

Barcelona made great efforts to be one of the most recognized cities in the world. The former ideal of cities full of people and skyscrapers is finished, and picturesque cities like Barcelona despite being the second most populated city in Spain, is one of the most quiet, charming and secure cities (the 14th safest city in the world). A nice and entertaining place for locals and visitors whether they are travelling for pleasure or business.

It’s the destination full of important architectural works and modern places.  It’s an incredible city you cannot miss.

Must-visit places

  • Museo Picasso de Barcelona

  • Museo del Chocolate

  • Fundación Joan Miro

  • Torre Agbar

  • La Sagrada Familia

  • Plaza de Cataluña

  • Barcelona Zoo

  • Montjuïc magic fountain

Accommodation best options

  • Catalonia Atenas Hotel : 4-star hotel close to the Basilica of Sagrada Familia. It has a terrace with pool, spa and fitness area to practice sport for free. It’s very well connected with the centre of Barcelona. It’s located in Meridiana avenue.

  • Barcelona Plaza Hotel : the perfect hotel for business travellers or short stays in Barcelona. This 4-star hotel is located in Plaza España. You will have a panoramic view of Plaza España, the magic Fountain and Montjuic Palace. It has 13 meeting rooms and 3 restaurants.

  • Catalonia Ramblas Hotel : modern 4-star hotel (popular in Barcelona) in the historic centre of the city, just a few meters from Plaza de Cataluña and the most commercial and cultural area of the city. The intimate Pelai Restaurant is owned by the Catalonia Ramblas Hotel for the exclusive use of guests.
  • Catalonia Sagrada Familia Hotel : the only 3-star hotel of this recommendation list. Previously called Catalonia Aragon, as it was located in a street with the same name. It’s just at the centre of the Catalan capital, so allow guests to easily access to cultural, gastronomic or commercial places nearby. The hotel takes its name from the famous basilica nearby.