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Selection of hotels to stay in September (II)

Continuing with our selection of hotels to stay in September, we already suggest you the islands, perfect for holidays as always, but now we’re moving into a different alternative for those who want to rest from the peninsular area and go to a peaceful coast.

Málaga, Marbella, Canela island, Barcelona coast – Maresme, Cádiz… they all are destination that get more expensive during September, since the weather is still fresh, great to swim, but without getting crowded. This will guarantee you a relaxing quiet holidays with the opportunity to enjoy the beaches peacefully, the reservation is not a problem, since there are all kind of hotels, affordable but with high quality.

–       Beach hotels in Costa de Barcelona.- If you want to stay in a hotel in Pineda de Mar or in the Calella or Santa Susanna, there are plenty of hotel chains who have been there, providing high quality services, with well-furnished buildings and a good and polite service. This coast is a traditional touristic, familiar and peaceful area, and you can sense it from the accommodations. Prices are very affordable, high quality, and it’s a memorable place, in general, since many people like to come back even for decades.

–       Marbella and Málaga hotels.- first glamour and celebrities and then peacefulness, all this in Marbella and Málaga coastal areas, famous for being frequented by celebrities, from musicians, actors to European politicians or even football players. When September begins everybody relax and the south andalucian area becomes a real paradise. If you want to sunbathe, taste delicious food, and enjoy your holidays the way you like, book in a all inclusive hotel in Marbella and live September as you deserve it.

–       Hotels in Chiclana, Cádiz.- more quiet, away from the crowd, with one of the most spectacular andalusian beaches, the Chiclana municipality is a place you wouldn’t want to leave ever. The surrounding nature, the beauty of it and the joy of the locals make a perfect combination if you’re planning to travel with friends or couple. A place where you will find tons of activities to enjoy: Gastronomy, art, music, coves, sports, and if you like golf, book in a golf hotel in Chiclana where you can be happy to stay and play. Prices are really affordable and the cared golf courses are perfect to practice that swing.

–       Huelva hotels.- One of the most beautiful provinces in Spain and one of the unknown. The beautiful natural places are like a peace and calm oasis. In the coastal area, with fine sand and transparent sea coves we can find some of the best andalusian golf courses, surrounded by mountains, rivers and marshes, creating the perfect atmosphere to practice. Regarding the accommodation, there might not be a large quantity of hotels, but those who are have great quality, in both service and assistance, we suggest the golf hotels in Isla Canela and the Adults Only El Rompido, if you’re trying to disconnect yourself.

Selection of hotels to stay in September (I)

It’s time to start packing for all the September travellers, fasten your seatbelt and get ready to roll. What is it? You haven’t decided where to go, or to stay or any travelling route at all? Do not panic, lay down on your chair or your sofa and began to read: We bring you a short list of hotels and destinations for September that will let you have the holiday you deserve, with quality but without leaving you penniless.

Hello beach…

Finally, you will have it inches from you, now you’re the one who’s going to post all the enviable pictures on Facebook, the one that will collapse the Instagram with all the dive in, the dinners at the best trendy terraces, the mountain hiking, and everything you want, and now it’s the perfect time and where else but Majorca, especially if you want to have all in one place: resting, beaches, gastronomy, mountains and sports.

Hotel in Playa de Palma

Hotel in Playa de Palma

The Mediterranean Isla Bonita, the major Balearic island offers you now a hotel industry always available, with a great variety of accommodations for every traveler with very affordable prices, so, depending on how would you like to spend your holiday, you can choose:

  • Beach hotels near Palma.- A metropolitan looking for a place to sunbathe? You deserve to book in a hotel in Illetas beach, a beach resort in Palma (not everything is Balneario 6) or a hotel downtown, since the Balearic capital offers you many possibilities, especially if you rent a car and can drive to anywhere in the island and even the beaches in less than an hour.

  • Family hotels.- IF you’re planning to travel with children at the beginning of September you will find spectacular accommodations in Majorca where children can have fun while you relax a few days. The Sol hotel chain, from the Melià group, is a good example of it, with the latest accommodation designs like the Katmandú Park or the Picapiedras (flintstones) hotels. In the hotel area in Muro beach you will also find several resorts especially designed for children.

  • Hotels for couples.- Hotels for couples are getting trendy undoubtedly. The Adults Only hotels in Majorca are an experience you must live at least one time in your life. The end of summer is the perfect time since you can enjoy the beaches and coves around like never before and enjoy every single service these hotels offer you which are quite a lot and are really attractive.

To spend holiday on the beach is always the perfect plan, but if Majorca doesn’t convince you, you always have the choice to go for a more adventurous trip and head to Canarias, island hopping toward Tenerife, where besides the beach and the sun, you have the opportunity to discover one of the most spectacular volcanic territories of the planet. You can find the best accommodations for all tastes and travellers as much as in the north as in the south, September is still high season in this winterless island, but, hotel prices in places like Costa Adeje or even the capital, Santa Cruz, are considerably low compared to August prices.

  • Spa hotel in Tenerife.-  Complete relaxation on a large scale. If that is what you’re looking for, in the southern area of the island you will find the best health and wealth accommodation in Tenerife. Costa Adeje is one of the most touristic areas and a good destination where you can find everything at hand and easy. From night parties to morning nature activities, you can choose something more affordable like the hotels with Jacuzzi in Tenerife, a place to relax without leaving the building full of comfort and really close to the beach.

  • Golf hotels in Costa Adeje.- Are you a fan of golf and out of door sport? Then you will find this holiday plan irresistible, stay in these resorts with golf courses located in the southern area in Tenerife. Most of their have their own golf courses, other just offer services and special discounts to the near courses. Regardless the offered services, they all have different type of accommodations with more affordable prices during September and October. The luxury ones even have a spa area, gastronomic services and suites you just don’t want to miss.

  • Family hotels.- Once again, if you want to spend holiday with children before they get back to school, there are several options near north Tenerife, but also in Costa Adeje and Santa Cruz and its surroundings. The family hotels in Troya beach, have a full package with the best value for money. Plus, it has good street routes to the rest of the island, best location, not too far from the airports.

Dann Carlton Quito: “Life is luxury”

Life is luxury… This is the slogan of the emblematic hotel chain Dann Hotels and, especially, of their more exclusive line: Dann Carlton Hotels. Today we are going to visit one of the few accommodations managed by this Colombian company in another country, a hotel located in the Ecuador’s capital: the famous Dann Carlton Quito, where this phrase about life and luxury really makes sense.

It is an accommodation full of style, with classic details and avant-garde design conceived to please the most modern travellers, without giving up to a charming place for those who enjoy the lifelong pleasures and the historic elegance with certain baroque touches. Its lines and architecture have a European influence, without losing the essence of the city where it is located. A combination of luxury that only few chains have known to combine with such harmony.

Luxury accomodation in Quito

Luxury accomodation in Quito

The hotel especially stands out for its wide and detailed rooms. Its executive and suite rooms in Quito are some of the most recommended ones, since they allow you to rest with comfort right in the financial centre of the capital.

Another of its best appreciated spaces is an exclusive swimming pool with crystal roof, surrounded by deck chairs, with specialised staff looking after guests. It is very close to the gym, to the squash court and all you may need for a quiet and healthy stay and a business trip.

As this is a special business hotel in Quito, this accommodation offer services conceived to provide companies and managers with all the facilities they need: special rooms, wifi connection, meeting rooms, business days, business centre and executive menu.

For further information, hotel has its own website allowing you to book directly online, without intermediaries or extra charges, guaranteeing the best prices: Dann Carlton Quito Hotel.