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Escape with me

The time has come to think of organizing a romantic getaway. This idea has been in the back of my mind for a long time without date or moment. The most recommended in these cases is to take some free time and look for offers from many hotels in the coast of Benidorm, Malaga, Majorca and the Canary Islands. These offers are available every year for those who travel at the end of summer.

Surely we find good prices and even a bargain in a spa hotel close to Palma or in a 4 star accommodation in Calas de Conil, Cádiz, two places where the complementary offer will allow us to enjoy as never before some pleasant days as a couple.

If you do not care about the destination, it is very likely to find a cheap hotel in destinations such as Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Barcelona coast or Marbella: many accommodations offer discounts for booking in advance or for end of season bookings. In this case, it is better to book a room for the end of the next month or even, for October.

Besides the price, when we are looking for the best accommodation for a romantic getaway, it is important to check the special packages and plans for couples offered by every hotel.  The most recommended is to seek Adults Only hotels in areas such as Lanzarote, Ibiza, Minorca, Formentera… Or even to opt for a hotel beside the beach of Fuengirola, in Malaga, where we can find good weather in autumn, no crowds, we can enjoy the surroundings and where leisure plans and services for travellers are complete at any time of the year.

Hotel areas such as Playa de Palma and Palmanova, in Majorca, or holiday destinations in Calella coast or Santa Susanna, in Barcelona, are more seasonal and more related to the central summer months and, although in September and October they keep a considerable part of their holiday offer and weather is pleasant, they are not so versatile as the Canary Islands are, especially when you are looking for a sun and beach getaway before winter comes.

Two urban destinations

Urban romantic getaways are other interesting option. They are a completely different plan. Among the keys to choosing well an accommodation are the hotel price, location and destination, but also its services. As in this type of trips we prefer enjoying the city to staying a lot of time in the accommodation, the range of hotels in Madrid or Barcelona has significantly increased, so we can choose among 3, 4 and 5 star hotels or 2 star bed and breakfast, with less accommodation options, but with better location, for example.

This wide variety makes finding cheap accommodation far easier, since the hotel competition in big capitals is strong and not all the hotels could boast about offering the best location in the centre.

Getting a hotel in Puerta del Sol or in Plaza Mayor, Madrid, is relatively easy. Prices from 60 Euros night in a 4 star hotel. If you prefer to give up to be right in the heart of the city and if you seek the comfort of a 4 star hotel close to the Barajas Airport, with all types of services and attentions, there are quality accommodations from 42 Euros night in a double room.

Plans for an August with children in Barcelona

Any time of the year is perfect for visiting Barcelona with your family, but the summer is specialy good for enjoying the open air in the Condal City. In this article we offer you some plans for families in Barcelona in August.

  • Tibidabo theme park.- This emblematic park is located in the Tibidabo mountain, in the Collserola mountain range, from where you can contemplate beautiful views to the city of Barcelona. One of its peculiarities is that it is the oldest theme park in Spain, where you will  find attractions for all ages, shows and activities.
  • Ciudadela Park.- It is one of the most charming green lungs in Barcelona. In this park located in the neighbourhood with the same name we find the Barcelona Zoo, as well as different gardens and a lake where you can do a boat trip. It is a perfect space for relaxing and enjoying with your family.
  • Electronik Piknic.- This plan is devised for modern families who do not want to give up good music. It is an event held every Sunday until the 14th of September in which families and friends gather to enjoy an outdoor picnic while enjoying the electronic music of today. Besides, different activities for children are organised, like gastronomic workshops, among others. The building is located in the old Montjuïc theme park (in the Joan Brossa gardens).
  • A beach day.- Another one of the best plans in August is visiting some of the beaches for children on Barcelona’s coast. The offer of beaches for children in the province is wide and complete and it includes beaches like Sant Simo, the Dunas beach or the casetas del Garraf beach.
  • Torre les Aigües Gardens.- It is an enclosure located at the heart of the Eixample neighbourhood of Barcelona. It is a patio with gardens and a tower surrounded by the perfect attraction for children: a pubic shallow fountain where children can safely bathe and play. In these gardens we also find an artificial beach for families.
  • ‘Works of art sunbathe’.- It is a family activity organised in the Macba which consists on a tour around the works of art located in the outdoors of the museum and an explanation of the techniques used by the artists. Children and adults will come closer to renowned works of art, like the mural by Keith Harring ‘We all together can stop the AIDS’.

Barcelona is waiting for you this August so that you enjoy these and many other plans for families. If you want to enjoy a pleasant trip to the Condal City we recommend you stay in some of the Petit Palace Hotels in Barcelona.

Spa hotels, a luxury at everyone’s disposal

Before, they were unusual, a spa turned a standard and almost ordinary accommodation into an exclusive luxury hotel.

The new beginning of Costa Blanca

Benidorm, a classic destination. It is being gradually related to a specific national and foreign tourism and to its eccentric skyscrapers which make of it one of the European cities with the largest skyline in the continent.  Something still surprising for those who visit it for the first time.  Many are those who think that such urban style is an atrocity for its Mediterranean surroundings, but in the course of time, Benidorm has been revitalized and has become a vintage destination receiving many visitors in search of new, different and funny experiences, away from the pejorative connotations attributed to this destination not so long ago.


Benidorm is beach… and hotels. Choosing one hotel among that multitude is a real odyssey, since you can make a wise decision or a monumental error. After knowing several accommodations in this area, we recommend you the aparthotels in Benidorm which belong to Marconfort chain: Flamingo Playa and Flamingo Benidorm, two All Inclusive accommodations next to Playa de Levante.  Ideal for travelling with friends or with family.  Their services and facilities are complete and their customer service is superb.

The magic of Costa del Sol

Malaga hotels never goes out of style. The city that saw the birth of Picasso offers beaches which are a real paradise for families and surf lovers, so year after year – and increasingly-  Costa del Sol witnesses how the magic of its natural beauty.still takes effect. Besides, the province has thousands of faces: on one hand, the classic family destination of Torremolinos keeps its boost despite the changes and fashions of the national tourism, recovering in the current economic crisis a considerable number of tourists who had travelled before to other places in search of new worlds.  On the other hand, Marbella and its luxury resorts next to Puerto Banús withstands the passing of time and keeps its status and glamour.

Among the hotels in Torremolinos we have visited, we opt for other two hotels belonging also to Marconfort chain: Hotel Griego and Beach Club Hotel, two of the most important ones in this holiday area, generally visited by Spanish families.  In Marbella, we prefer Marbella Coral Beach, and in Fuengirola, one of the comfortable hotels surrounding Los Boliches beach. Confortel Fuengirola Hotel

Natural beauty in Barcelona coast

Another of the classic family tourism destinations in Spain and one of the most protected ones from the excessive number of foreign tourists is Barcelona.  Away from the bustle of the capital and throughout the entire Mediterranean littoral, we find the towns Pineda de Mar, Calella, Malgrat de Mar and no end of small villages which are almost intact and keep their traditional fishing village nature. The ambience is the most appreciated attribute of this area, which inevitably reminds me that time when summer was blue and we ran freely, winning our first battles in the streets of these towns that were not even ours.

Keeping the tradition from parents to children, those who visit this coast of Barcelona in summer are usually Spanish families, many of them with second residence in this area, others staying in small hotels mainly focused on families. In the same vein, we chosen several hotels located in this coast of Barcelona and belonging to Fergus Hotels chain.

–        Fergus Style Mar Mediterrania, situated in Santa Susanna coast and completely refurbished in 2013. We like it because of its exterior design  spaces with solarium terrace and an amazing swimming pool where we can be for hours on end accompanied by a book. Besides, Santa Susanna is one of the most beautiful towns in this coast.

–        Fergus Montemar, an All Inclusive hotel in Pineda de Mar, with the advantage of having a beach at your disposal and all the services you can find in the town. Good atmosphere, personalized attention and wonderful facilities in an All inclusive hotel: Jacuzzi, gardens, relax areas, cocktail service, playground and mini club.

–        Fergus Espanya, an historical hotel in Calella that we could not miss in a list about traditional holiday accommodations in Spain that, despite the passing of time, has not gone out of style. With a large group of faithful tourists, this hotel in Calella is a real tourism symbol in this coast of Barcelona. Cosy and with that atmosphere that makes all guests feel like in home, it has gained the love of every visitor.