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The Charlee Lifestyle Hotel: 5 star luxury hotel in El Poblado

The Charlee Lifestyle Hotel

5 star hotel located in the Lleras Park in El Poblado, Medellin

The Charlee Lifestyle Hotel is a 5 star hotel in Medellín, located high in the mountains of the prestigious neighborhood called El Poblado. The hotel seeks to recreate a unique atmosphere for all of its guests; focusing on high quality services that go in hand with a helpful and warm attention from all the staff.

The space at the Envy Roof Top, located on the 17 and 18 floor, is ideal for celebrating any type of even: next to the pool and with the best views of a hotel in Medellín. But this is not all, you and your guests can enjoy cocktails of all kind and the hottest tunes, thanks to the DJ.

If you crave good food, visit the Lucía Restaurant at the hotel in the Lleras Park: a small taste of Tuscany in the capital of Antioquia. But take your mind of traditional Italian pastas, the Italian Steak House type restaurant, under the close look of French chef  Cyril Cheminot, will surprise you with the best steaks and accompaniments.

Luxury hotel in Medellin

Regarding the facilities, at the luxury hotel in El Poblado you’ll find comfort and tranquility in the Mezzanine, where you may relax reading a book or simply resting. To all these features we have to add the spaciousness of the rooms of the hotel in Medellín. In it, you’ll have to chose the one the best fits your whims. Be sure to experience new sensations of all kinds at The Charlee Lifestyle Hotel.

Barcelona’s Macba fills with art the centre of El Raval

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) is one of the top museums of the twentieth century centres in Spain. Its importance and value lies not only in its design and artistic lines but also, in the role that the building of the American architect Richard Meier had and has is in the neighbourhood of El Raval, leading to the renewal of one of the most deprived areas of the centre of Barcelona and making it a place where art and creativity are expressed most strongly.

Mapa Macba Barcelona

Multicultural, restless, eclectic … the MACBA and its hyperactive square are a key element of contemporary culture in Barcelona. A trip to Barcelona is not complete without visiting one of its many exhibitions. Just enjoying the building, built on the former Casa de la Caridad de Barcelona, is a privilege: the effect of the light on the building’s glass panels pay homage to the light that can only be appreciated in the Mediterranean.

The creation of this museum comes from the idea of writer Alexandre Cirici, who proposed a museum project very similar to the MOMA in New York, but the project was frustrated by a series of antifascist manifestations. Nothing was heard of the MACBA project until the mid 80‘s. The project was integrated into the plan to renovate the neighbourhood of El Raval and was conducted between 1991 and 1995.

European Pop Art of the 50s, 60s and 70s, sculpture, collage, photography … MACBA offers a wide range of examples of first class contemporary art with more than 5,500 pieces.

If you book a hotel in the centre of Barcelona, arriving to the MACBA museum should be easy: a relaxed stroll down the Ramblas towards the Port of Barcelona will lead you through one of the most picturesque places of the city. The area is full of students, bars where to enjoy an aperitif and places where to simply enjoy watching the world go by.


The ideal is to book a hotel in Barcelona with restaurant so you can enjoy one of the meals of the day at the hotel: it will always be at a better price. However, venturing into the neighbourhood of El Raval and discovering those small restaurants and tapas bars in the area always have a special charm.

Stories of Madrid and routes to discover it

Madrid is a unique city. A capital city globally known for its culture and heritage, its bars and restaurants, and its immense joy of living … Spain’s capital allows visitors to enjoy a very unique territory, full of curiosities and places of interest.

The history of Madrid is, however, recent and in this relatively short history is part of the reason why they are so open. From an almost anonymous existence in the Middle Ages, Philip II made Madrid the capital of an empire on which the sun never set.

From the ephemeral splendour of the American gold and silver to an age of misery and hard times honoured with the pride that led the rebellion against the French troops and began the War of Independence, an enormous event in history and consciousness of Madrid and its citizens.

From Principe Pio to the Plaza Mayor, and from the Royal Palace through the Sabatini Gardens … the historical legacy of Madrid invites you to visit the city through a story that has dates, artwork and names burned with fire.

The hotels Petit Palace Mayor Plaza, Petit Palace Puerta del Sol or the Petit Palace Londres are excellent starting points for exploring the city by foot or with the free bicycle service in Madrid, in addition to the information staff offers its restless travellers.

Madrid is a cultural temptation to be discovered at any time of year, not only in museums like El Prado, Sorolla or Reina Sofía, but also on the cobblestones of the Madrid of the Austrias, which will talk about another day.

Gourmet tours in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city for gourmets where to enjoy flavours from all around the world and, above all, enjoy the authentic Mediterranean diet: escalivada, esqueixada de bacalao, Faves Catalanes…  If you love good food and have thought about Barcelona as a destination for an Easter getaway, the new tourist proposal from the department of Tourism of Barcelona is made for you: gourmet tours through the old city.

These are guided tours where you can learn the history of the gastronomy of Barcelona through some legendary places of the city, which include in the price two tasting dishes and typical products of the Mediterranean diet.

The duration time is two hours and begins from Plaza de Catalunya through the Granja Viader, the imperative La Boqueria market, Escribà patisserie and the Fargas chocolate shop. It also includes stops at unique establishments like La Pineda, Oro Liquido, Caelum, La Colmena, wine shops from La Ribera, the great pastry Brunells and, finally, the Santa Catalina market.

Gourmet tours Barcelona
If you stay at a hotel in Plaza Catalunya or a hotel next to La Boqueria market, participate in one of these routes will be very easy, as the Barcelona Tourism office is within walking distance and the tour passes places close to both areas.

Some of the most distinguished hotels in the centre Barcelona include breakfast buffet and gourmet meals, as is the case with the restaurant Numerus Clausus of the iconic Hotel Petit Palace Museum Barcelona of the boutique hotel chain High Tech.

Within the portfolio of the Basque hotel chain, leading urban hotels in Barcelona, you will find another 3 hotels for families, couples and business travellers: the Hotel Petit Palace Opera Garden, next to the Plaza Catalunya, the Hotel Petit Palace Barcelona, in Paseo de Gracia; and Hotel Petit Palace Boqueria Barcelona, next to La Boqueria market.

The season begins: Opening Party at Marina Barracuda Hotel

The Hotel Marina Barracuda has scheduled for the weekend of the 25th to 27th of April a great Opening Party Weekend, the inauguration of its summer season with a theme party based on the popular song Gangnam Style, which will bring together young people from all Europe to celebrate the beginning of summer in Majorca.

How can you get tickets? To participate in the party, simply book a hotel room through the official website of Marina Hotels for the last weekend of April. There are booking options for groups, double rooms or twin rooms at special prices thanks to early booking offers.

Cartel Gangnam Style Party Hotel Barracuda

For those who want to try their luck, the Majorcan hotel chain has enabled a contest on their Facebook profile Hotel Marina Barracuda with which participants opt to win a complete stay in Magaluf for 3 people with all inclusive at a FUN4U room.

To achieve this, the proposal by Marina Hotels is very simple: the participant simply has to meet with his friends and organise a photo shoot dressed to the Gangnam Style theme: glasses, blazers, bow tie, tap shoes or shorts or mini-dress … The best of the photos uploaded to the contest Facebook application and is shared on the wall to obtain the votes of friends and acquaintances. Whoever gets the most votes wins.

The contest is only active until 1st April, so considering that there is only one stay for 3, the best is that anyone wishing to come to the opening reserves their ticket as soon as possible.

The ticket for the Opening Party Weekend includes group activities, sports, entertainment and 2 Pool Parties at Hotel Marina Barracuda to be held outdoors on the sun terrace of the hotel, by the pool and next to the beach of Magaluf.


Then, those who want to may continue the party at the disco BCM Planet Dance as the official opening of the club is also the same weekend.

Cadiz moving up in the holiday destinations ranking for 2013

The province of Cadiz, with its stunning beaches and traditional party atmosphere, has moved up in the ranking of holiday destinations for 2013. The current trend to book short breaks and shorter trips to European destinations has repositioned this area of Andalucia under the focus of Spaniards and foreigners in search of sun, beach and fun.

Carnival and Easter are the key dates for this destination in southern Spain, but also the early months of summer and fall are perfect times to enjoy all that Cadiz has to offer: Mediterranean and Atlantic, city and nature, relaxation and adventure. ..


Whatever you are like, in Cadiz you can always find something that matches your tastes. But what will undoubtedly conquer you is its light, its people and its cuisine. There is no place like Cadiz to enjoy some good pescaito frito (fried fish) and a glass of white wine on a terrace by the sea.

The hotel chain Iberostar Hotels & Resorts has two of the most valued hotels of the Cadiz coast. The Iberostar Andalucia Playa, a hotel on the beach of Barrosa with All Inclusive, perfect if you decide for the second option and travel with the family: the activities and entertainment of the resort are of high quality and has comprehensive facilities. The Iberostar Royal Andalus is ideal for sport and travelling with your partner.

In general, the apartments and hotels in Cadiz are usually inexpensive and with full service. You choose, looking for a relaxed getaway or a week of all inclusive holidays at the beach?

Access to playa de Barrosa in Cádiz

Unique hotels in Spain

In Spain exists a fair number of unique hotels offering the traveller a special experience.  They represent an open door to the history of the chosen destination and in many cases continue representing a key exponent of local life.

Grand Hotel Mencey foto histórica

One of the most emblematic is a luxury hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Grand Hotel Mencey, declared of special cultural interest and recently renovated by Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, the chain managing the hotel. The typical Canarian style with its colonial air, impregnated with a touch of exclusivity and elegance, which has remained intact with the passing of the years, give it a special place amongst the historic hotels of Spain.

Hotel Petit Palace Arana Bilbao

Along the same lines but situated in the other extreme is the Hotel Petit Palace Arana Bilbao, in the old town of Bilbao opposite the renown Arriaga Theatre.  This is the oldest hotel still operating in the city, a place that during decades has forged unforgettable episodes in the capital, with their famous chefs with historical reputations, the bull fighting ambience and many illustrious visitors.

This essence can also be found at the Hotel Petit Palace Santa Barbara in Madrid, originally the Palace of the Marquises of Quintanar, situated in the square of the same name.  It has been completely renovated but the attention to detail during the building work allows one to appreciate the charm of this space that forms part of the history of Madrid.

Hotel Petit Palace Las Torres Salamanca

In the capital exist various unique hotels amongst which is the Hotel Petit Palace Embassy Serrano Madrid, exceptional, not only because of the history of the building, it is an architectural jewel from the 19th century, but because of the impeccable renovation undertaken by a local hotel chain, leader in Spanish boutique hotels: High Tech Hotels.

The Hotel Petit Palace Italia Madrid also located in a 19th century building in the central Gran Via, Madrid, has also been designed for families looking for comfort and quality service with a distinct touch.

The difference that makes a hotel unique could be not only within the building, the decoration or the structure, but the space occupied.  This is the case of one of the most historical hotels in the country, the Hotel Petit Palace Mayor Plaza de Madrid, located in the Plaza Mayor of the capital. This four star establishment was built on the land where Lope de Vega was born, although now it offers outstanding modern services, it stills pay homage to that great figure of the Spanish golden age.

Hotel Petit Palace Arenal Madrid Sala Interior

Travelers 2.0, hotels with free wifi

Reality and society have changed considerably in recent times and travel is no longer conducted in the same way as before.  Today, any time is good to reserve flights and start to dream about a destination thousands of miles away.  Internet has erased the remaining  boundaries and has converted travellers’ experiences to global, from the moment when planning a journey up to the return home, sharing the details with friends and family.

Look for destinations, compare prices, check distances and connections, read the opinions of hotels to find good accommodation, book a room, car hire and even the entrance tickets for museums.  All this can be done with just a few clicks.

This is the age of the traveller 2.0.  We feel more comfortable organizing our own trips, deciding and managing all the details from the beginning to the end.  As connections improve and the price becomes more affordable, the number of operations via internet that we are prepared to undertake increases.  Not only before departure but also during the trip, we can find out about cultural plans for the same day in our chosen destination, check out a route or find a recommended restaurant.

habitacion hotel con ordenador
Since internet is gaining territory as the great universal tourist guides, many hotel groups are offering internet access in all their hotels in order to improve the users experience and capture new clients who search directly for hotels with free wifi in Valencia or hotels with internet in Madrid.

In fact, some of these chains have gone a step further and offer the latest services such as portable computers in the room, the possibility of DSL connection or wi-fi throughout the hotel.  This is case of the Basque chain, High Tech Hotels, for whom new technology is a priority and who have an outstanding portfolio of boutique hotels in Spain.
Habitacion con wifi gratis en Madrid

The Hotel Petit Palace Italia Madrid – perfect for families, the Hotel Petit Palace Mayor Plaza Madrid – built on the land of the house where Lope de Vege was born, the Hotel Petit Palace Londres Madrid – a few steps from Puerta del Sol, or the Hotel Petit Palace Santa Barbara Madrid – the former Palace of the Marqueses de Quintanar – are some examples of hotels with the latest technology that High Tech have in Madrid.